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Cylinder -SALE- Vespa GS150 / GS3 - 57,8mm

€116.10 * €129.00 * (10% off)

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
performance class: standard
displacement: 149 cm³
bore: 57.8 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
type of cooling: air cooled
material: cast iron
material piston cylinder surface: cast iron
cylinder head inclusive:
cylinder gasket set inclusive:
shape exhaust port: single port (oval)
exhaust mounting: stub
thread exhaust nut: M45 x 1,5
stroke: 57 mm
production method piston: cast
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Replica cylinder without piston and without cylinder head for the Vespa GS150 models. The...Continue reading


Replica cylinder without piston and without cylinder head for the Vespa GS150 models.

The casting as well as the positioning of the channels in the cylinder are ok.
The cylinder has a bore of 57,8mm and therefore exactly 149,5 cm³.
Corresponding pistons are available, up to an oversize of 58.4mm (see accessories).

The threads for fixing the inlet are partly cut obliquely.
One possibility is to extend or individually adjust the hole of the intake manifold.
If you are skilled in your trade, you can set new threaded bushings if necessary.

The inadequacies of the cylinder are certainly no obstacle in skilled hands to create a solid engine.

The scope of delivery includes the cylinder ground to 57.8mm, but without any attachments or pistons.

NOTE: Before commissioning, check the model-specific piston running clearance and, if necessary, have the cylinder honed.




25 Mar 2017


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