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Engine casing for Vespa V50, V90, PV, ET3, PK S, PK XL, PK XL2, ETS, Motovespa PK75, standard transfer ports - without electric starter

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SE125 engine casing from LML. This is of the Indian LML Sensation 125. they are 99 % identical...Continue reading


SE125 engine casing from LML. This is of the Indian LML Sensation 125. they are 99 % identical in construction to those of the Vespa PK125 XL2. New Piaggio engine caseshave not been available from Italy for years. The LML engine cases are therefore a very good and qualitative alternative.
Since NOS goods occasionally flash rust on the metal parts.

PK125 XL2 / PK125 ETS
The engine case can be used as a 1:1 replacement for PK125 XL2 and PK125 ETS.
An adapter for the shift cable mounting is attached.

PK50 XL2 / PK50 FL2 / PK50 HP / Motovespa PK75 XL
The engine case can be used with the BGM crankshaft (BGM2404SE) as a 1:1 replacement for all PK50 XL2/FL2/HP engines. The Spanish Motovespa PK75XL2 models can use this engine case with the original Motovespa crankshaft. Alternatively the BGM crankshaft (for 50-112ccm cylinders) or the ETS crankshafts (for cylinders from 125ccm) can also be used here (with the corresponding cylinder)..

An adapter for the shift cable attachment is attached.


  • Housing type: PK125 XL2
  • Crankshaft type: PK 125XL2/ PK125 ETS (24/25mm cone)
  • Bearing seat stator plate side: Ø: 38mm (PX needle bearing)
  • Gear cable type: 1 rigid cable like PK XL2
  • Inlet: Long rotary slide surface (42mm)
  • intake ports: 3-hole
  • overcurrent design: original like V50, PK, PV
  • elestart possible: No
For use in other small frame vehicles please see document under "Downloads".

The housing uses the 1-train switching technology of the XL2 models. Here a rigid wire is used for the linkage of the shift gate. The attachment of the cable differs from the Italian models (the hole for the cable is bigger), a suitable adapter is enclosed. If the engine is to be controlled with two cables (as with XL1, PV, V50 etc.), there is a conversion set (both see "Accessories").

The SE125 engine block already uses the modern switching components of the XL2 models internally. The switching arm no longer has a parallelogram. It is guided in a continuous bearing aisle. It is supported in a needle bearing and is sealed by a shaft seal. Therefore only components of the XL2 circuit fit into the SE engine case:

- Switching arm XL2 + screw

- Pulling capacity

- Switching arm shaft seal

- Switching arm bearing

These components are always required if no XL2 dispenser engine is available.

The SE125 housings have a long rotary valve sealing surface (42mm). This allows the inlet port to be greatly enlarged, making them predestined for high-performance tuning based on rotary valves.

The cylinder foot bore is 61.5mm, thus suitable for all standard and popular tuning cylinders (not Falc, Quattrini SP09 etc.). It is therefore not necessary to spindle it.

The suction nozzle has a fastening by means of 3 holes, therefore the nozzles of the V50, PV125 do not fit here.

The housing is delivered without bearings, without nuts, without cylinder studs but with all silent blocks/silent rubbers.

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