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Engine casing -MALOSSI V-One, rotary valve- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star/Stella 125/150 Elestart

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Malossi offers two new reinforced PX125/150 motor housings, V-One and VR-One. V-One ROTARY...Continue reading


Malossi offers two new reinforced PX125/150 motor housings, V-One and VR-One.
The V-One has a rotary vane inlet and is aimed at those who are either looking for a high quality replacement for an original motor housing and/or want to build a powerful but quiet touring motor.

The VR-One, on the other hand, has an intake manifold with a diaphragm inlet and is primarily aimed at tuners who value a high power output. The diaphragm inlet is moved further towards the cylinder, which allows the use of full side shafts (the crank webs are no longer completely in the way of the gas flow).

Both case types are already designed for use with a Malossi 177cc Sport or 177/187cc MHR cylinder. The engine housing is already manufactured to fit in the area of the overflow ducts, no further adjustments are necessary. Of course all other cylinders can be used on these housings as well.

The biggest novelty of the Malossi engine housings is the renouncement of loose engine bolts and the middle gasket made of sealing paper. The housing is now assembled with M8 Allen screws, the sealing is done with temperature stable sealing compound (TIP: anaerobic curing sealing compound from Loctite).

The housings have reinforcements at all neuralgic points (auxiliary shaft, fivefold bolted crankcase, swing arm and shock absorber mount). More material has been added to the sealing surfaces, so tuners can let off steam to their heart's content.

Premounted silent rubbers on the engine and shock absorber mount are included in the scope of delivery for both models.
Special feature: The PX125/150 Malossi engine housings use the large silent rubbers of the 200cc versions.

MALOSSI V-One motor housing (M5718392)

  • Reinforced motor housing with rotary vane inlet
  • Useable as replacement for an original Piaggio motor housing (original bearing dimensions)
  • M8 Allen-Engine bolts
  • Bolt for cylinder and brake pre-assembled
  • Scope of delivery without intake manifold, without bearing

Motor housing MALOSSI VR-One (M5718382)

  • Reinforced motor housing with diaphragm inlet
  • incl. Diaphragm intake manifold (360° rotatable for carburettors with Ø30-34mm)
  • incl. 6 flaps Diaphragm
  • M8 Allen engine screws
  • incl. Crankshaft bearing (Lima 25x52x15mm / clutch 25x62x12mm)
  • stud bolt for cylinder and brake pre-assembled



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