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Engine casing -PINASCO Master 2.0, rotary valve- Vespa PX200 Elestart - crankshaft with wide inlet web (similiar to T5) is required

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PINASCO engine housing Master 2.0 NOTE: Extra wide inlet, standard rotary vane crankshafts...Continue reading


PINASCO engine housing Master 2.0

NOTE: Extra wide inlet, standard rotary vane crankshafts cannot be used!

The Pinasco motor housings are very high quality replacement motor housings made of the finest die-cast aluminium. Besides the very precise machining, they also offer many special features that are especially interesting for tuners. In addition to the significantly larger sealing surfaces at the cylinder base and carburettor inlet, Pinasco also offers the housings as a version with diaphragm inlet. This intake technology, which has long been standard in the automatic sector, offers even large carburettors a good passage for powerful breathing. Further reinforcements in cast iron, a larger crankshaft bearing on the alternator side as well as the great scope of delivery complete the overall picture of the Pinasco engine housing.
The latest version (2.0) now has a modified shaft seal and a bolted bearing plate for the large crankshaft bearing on the clutch side. Pinasco indicates that the bearing can thus be changed from the outside (a corresponding tool for disassembly is unfortunately not available).

The housings are manufactured in two versions:

The housings correspond to the last construction stage of the PX models from 1992 onwards (internal shaft seal for main shaft). The engine internals and ignition components of all 125-200cc models from 1982 onwards can be used. The components from model year 1984 onwards are preferable due to the improved and more stable gearbox and the more powerful alternator. The engine of the COSA models is also well suited as donor engine. Their engine block is different on the outside, but uses the same internals as the PX models from 1992 onwards (note that the primary reduction ratio is shorter: 21/68 instead of 23/65).

Both versions have the same useful improvements:

  • Crankshaft
    Pinasco uses an extra wide inlet on the rotary valve for the 2.0 engine housings. Normal crankshafts do not seal.
    Pinasco is currently (April 2020) unable to supply suitable shafts.

  • High quality aluminium die casting with fine surfaces
    Very precisely milled sealing surfaces
    Stiffening ribs in the area of the main shaft bearing on the control rider side and the shock absorber mount
    Significantly more material in the area of the cylinder base sealing surface and the carburettor inlet
    Crankshaft bearing on the alternator side designed as large roller bearing (NU205 25x52x15mm)
    The housings are manufactured to accommodate a Pinasco proprietary shaft sealing ring (coupling side).
  • Double lubrication hole for the minimum bearing
    Two additional shim bushes = crankshafts with extra long stroke can do without the centering edge of the lima half. Dimensions shim bushes AØ=9,95mm, IØ=8,40mm, h=13,80mm
  • GUM
    The holes for the large silent rubbers are Ø=44mm (original Piaggio Ø=43mm).
    The enclosed silent rubbers are stiffer and offer a better guidance of the engine in the frame.
    Piaggio silent rubbers also fit. Solutions with metal bushings or without preload do not usually fit if they are made for Piaggio motor housings (Jockey, PLC).

    The motor housings do not have an embossed motor number or prefix
    No drip hole for transmission oil = The nonsensical drip hole which indicates whether the internal oil seal is defective has been left out*.

*Our tip: Use a sealed bearing as well as an external oil seal with an appropriate brake drum.

- Extra large sealing surface over both engine halves, suitable for all intake manifolds
- Can be used as 1:1 replacement for an original engine case


- Centered, full area diaphragm inlet
- Incl. diaphragm suction port, incl. diaphragm in RD350 format (hole 58x48mm)
- Suction rubber rotatable 360°, connection width carburettor= Ø34mm
- Rubber suitable for Keihin PWK28, Mikuni TMX27/30, Dell'Orto PHBH28/30, VHS24- 30
- No axis for oil pump control cast in
- No hole for oil pump drive

The enclosed fitting bush for the auxiliary shaft must be inserted by yourself. The housings are intended for use with an electric starter. Therefore please use the fan wheel cover for E- starter models. Without an electric starter, simply close the hole in the housing with our suitable metal sheet (7671454). If other gear components than those of the PX models from 125cc and up are to be used, please check the auxiliary shaft axle for compatibility and modify it if necessary.
Please use high-strength screw glue for all studs. The cylinder studs do not have a one-sided oversize as is usual with Piaggio. Therefore, glue in the Pinasco cylinder studs supplied. When screwing in the cylinder studs, please ensure that any oil pump gearwheel that may have been fitted is free to move. We recommend to re-cut all threads and to clean them with compressed air.
The alternator-side crankshaft bearing NU205 is not flush with the engine housing.

It protrudes approx. 1mm in the direction of the crankshaft.


- Slide
- All studs
- Silent rubbers + washers for silent rubbers
- Housing seals
- Bushing for auxiliary shaft

- as above, additionally included:
- Intake manifold incl. diaphragm, intake rubber, gasket and small parts
- NOTE: No screws for fixing the intake manifold to the engine block are included (see: Accessories)




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