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Engine casing -PINASCO Slave 8X, reed valve intake, incl. reed valve- Vespa Smallframe V50, V90, SS50, SS90, V50 SR, PV125, ET3, PK50 S/XL, PK50 S/XL, PK80 S/XL, PK125 S/XL, PK125 ETS

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Pinasco motor housing with membrane inlet (SLAVE) for Vespa Smallframe. Available with and...Continue reading


Pinasco motor housing with membrane inlet (SLAVE) for Vespa Smallframe.

Available with and without membrane.

The crankcase has a large central diaphragm inlet (perforation 57x48mm).
It is designed to accommodate extra wide crankshafts as used in the Quattrini engine housings. The conventional smallframe crankshafts do not fit.

The crankshaft bearings are larger and also correspond to those of the dimensions used in the Quattrini engine block (6205, 25x52x15mm).

As a further special feature, the Pinasco engine housing has a screwed-in end shield for the auxiliary shaft. This makes it possible to change the auxiliary shaft from the outside without disassembling the motor (the clutch must be released beforehand), thus making it easier to quickly adjust the gear ratio.

The diaphragm supplied by Pinasco (only PN26482030) has a similar technology to that of the well-known Vforce models. The selector shaft is mounted on needle bearings and sealed.

  • crankhouse Ø=88mm
  • diaphragm hole groove 57x48mm
  • crank shaft type: Quattrini C1
  • crank shaft bearing: Type 6205 (25x52x15mm)



Fits the following vehicles


23 Mar 2020

funktioniert super bin sehr zu frieden vor allem mit der nadelgelagerten schaltung

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