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Engine -LML 150cc 3-port rotary valve intake w/o autolube, Kickstart (type E12)- Vespa Largeframe (1962->) VBA, VBB, VNA, VNB, VNC Super, GS160, SS180, Sprint, Rally, TS, GT, GTR, PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125ccm, LML Star, Stella, NV, Bajaj Chet

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The LML motors are from the current production of the LML Star/Stella models. Almost identical...Continue reading


The LML motors are from the current production of the LML Star/Stella models.
Almost identical in construction to the Vespa PX motors, they are fantastically suitable as an inexpensive and reliable exchange motor. They are available as 125cc / 150cc version, some of them also with electric starter. All LML motors offered by us are mixture lubricated, i.e. they are operated with a 1:50 oil/petrol mixture. Thanks to the Vespa modular system the LML motors fit even in Vespa models from the early 1960's onwards.

Technically and qualitatively the LML motors are on the latest level.
They offer a contactless ignition system with a strong 12V alternator.
With a motor exchange the active safety of the scooter (reliability, better light, better performance) is significantly improved.

LML 3-channel motors
correspond to the PX125 motors used by Vespa.

The suspension points of the LML engines correspond 1:1 to all largeframe models built from about 1962 onwards. Largeframe Vespa is the name given to those models whose front engine mount is 220mm wide and whose carburettor is located under the right-hand side cowl.
This starts with the VNA/VNB Vespa over the Sprint and GT/GTR up to today's PX models, to name only a few (see also "pay attention" menu item)

Not fitting are the engines in the so called Smallframe and Wideframe Vespa.> strong> exceptions br>/strong> br> An exception of the large-frame models is the Vespa strong>COSA/strong>. >br> NECESSARY MODIFICATIONS >/p>

If you want to install such a motor in a PX, you only have to adapt the cabling or adjust the possible

Here the wiring harness must be converted to a controller-supported electrical system. The former self-regulating electrical system is replaced by a much more powerful on-board power supply with voltage regulator. For this purpose use our conversion wiring harness and voltage regulator (see accessories):Ready-to-install complete engine (without gear oil)

  • ignition coil

  • br> Please order the CDI required for operation, including cable load, separately.

    As an alternative to the LML CDI, an existing CDI of a PX motor can also be used. The LML-typical division of CDI on the frame and ignition coil on the engine is then no longer necessary, as the Piaggio CDI already has an integrated ignition coil. For this purpose, the cable load of the alternator from the LML engine must be extended and provided with new connectors.

    weight 32 kg - dimensions 47x47x81cm.



    21 Mar 2015

    Nice engine

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