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Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK125 (S/XL/XL2/ETS), Motovespa PK75 (S/XL/Junior)

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Exhaust BGM Pro BigBox TOURING banana for Vespa PK models. The BGM Pro complete exhaust...Continue reading


Exhaust BGM Pro BigBox TOURING banana for Vespa PK models.

The BGM Pro complete exhaust system in the TOURING version offers the discreet appearance and acoustics of an original system combined with a high-torque and broadband characteristic. Originally designed as a replacement for the original Piaggio exhaust systems, which are no longer available, it has been further developed into a full-fledged sports exhaust system. Great importance was attached to a good performance with a discreet noise level as well as a good fit.

  • Original optics

  • High and early torque

  • Wide speed range

  • More final speed

  • Very unobtrusive

  • Fits without modifications

  • Handmade in Europe

The BGM Sport TOURING harmonizes very well with a standard engine as well as with the classic tuning cylinders such as the Polini 133. The connection is secured by tension springs, which make it stable, but still quickly detachable.

Compared to a standard exhaust, we recommend to increase the spray rate by 2-4 numbers for safety reasons.


  • Exhaust body

  • Exhaust manifold (Ø inner= 26mm, hole stitch stud bolt M6/M8 52-56mm)

  • Exhaust Springs

  • Cylinder/ manifold gasket

TIP: Some sealing compound (see accessories) between manifold and exhaust body keeps this place permanently clean.



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