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Exhaust -FACO Power Box- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150 - 166cc, 177cc

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The Faco Power Box is identical to the Malossi Sport Box. It therefore also has the original,...Continue reading


The Faco Power Box is identical to the Malossi Sport Box. It therefore also has the original, small exhaust body like the standard exhaust. In direct comparison to our popular BGM Bigbox Touring exhaust system, the Faco system is much more speed-oriented. Therefore, it does not have the early and highly pronounced torque of the BGM Touring, but instead spins higher and further. It generates thereby approx. 1PS more peak power. On the other hand, it has less torque up to approx. 6000 rpm.

The Faco Box is therefore suitable for shorter geared motors and scores here with a clean and free turning out.

  • Characteristic: more speed-oriented than BGM BigBox Touring or Polini Box (comparable to RR-Box)
  • Tailpipe : Ø19mm
  • Colour: black lacquered
  • body: same size as the original exhaust
  • volume: high

Faco Box has a 19mm diameter tailpipe. This means that it is thermally absolutely uncritical even on very powerful and speed-heavy engines.

The system has a conventional clamp mounting like the original exhaust.
The exhaust has no test mark and is delivered painted black.

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