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Exhaust -JL Performance sparewheel version- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150 - 166cc, 177cc-177 - stainless steel

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Handmade JL stainless steel sport exhaust system. The exhaust systems manufactured by two-stroke...Continue reading


Handmade JL stainless steel sport exhaust system. The exhaust systems manufactured by two-stroke specialist Jim Lomas are still among the best and most valuable exhaust systems for the big Vespa. They are beautifully crafted in detail and are still among the most versatile systems in terms of performance. Certainly there are stronger resonance systems from the top performance, but the good pre-resonance performance, that on distance far turn out as well as the pleasant noise are still unique.

  • Made completely from stainless steel (stainless forever)
  • Thin muffler therefore usable with spare wheel
  • Large tailpipe diameter = thermal relief of the engine
  • Spring-mounted suspended
  • Sporty characteristics , nevertheless suitable for touring

The JL systems have a large tailpipe diameter which relieves the engine thermally and, unlike many other systems, does not tend to ring.

The special feature of the version shown here is its slim rear silencer. This makes it easy to mount a spare wheel. Due to the smaller silencer volume the system has a quite strong but still pleasantly muffled sound.

Even the volume of the exhaust body itself is smaller than that of conventional JL Performance systems. This gives it a good ground clearance. It also runs surprisingly well on smaller cylinders (177cc) and/or engines with tour-friendly short head angles (Polini 207-221).

JL-typically it is best suited for engines with classic control angles around 120/180. Here it delivers a lot of thrust in the middle to upper range and convinces as a good sporty all-rounder.

The two-stroke typical resonance from approx. 5000 rpm is especially nice. Here the exhaust starts to support the engine like a turbo and provides long arms...

The system is, as usual with JL, spring-mounted and therefore always mounted tension-free

A basic requirement for all stainless steel exhaust systems to avoid stress cracks.

FAZIT: For all those for whom a BOX exhaust is optically and acoustically too bland and who like the good old two-stroke bite


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