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Exhaust (only body without silencer) -PM TUNING PM29 Fat Mamba (RB)- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (2nd-3rd series), DL, GP - unpainted

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
performance class: high end, racing
look: racing
material exhaust body: steel
finish exhaust body: raw
exhaust manifold incl.:
main colour: unpainted
engine type: 2-stroke
exhaust mounting: flange
flange type: RB
exhaust bolt pitch: 60 mm
P For this item you get fidelity point/s

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The PM Fat Mamba exhaust comes from none other than tuning legend Paul Melici. The workmanship...Continue reading


The PM Fat Mamba exhaust comes from none other than tuning legend Paul Melici.
The workmanship is PM typical. Finest MIG welding seams and a beautifully crafted muffler are just as natural here as the excellent fit and the hydraulically pressed cones. The Fat Mamba lives up to its name and offers not only a massive look but also a fat torque coupled with a wide speed range.
The Mamba was designed for high performance cylinders like the TS1, RB22, RB25 and the Imola versions
The FAT Mamba impresses with a very good pre-resonance behaviour despite a high power output and shovels with a RB22 already at 5000 rpm full 14PS / 20NM to the rear wheel. Nevertheless the engine revs with power up to 9000rpm and makes it a perfect daily driver.

The sound is quite pleasant, but depending on cylinder, head angle and exhaust shape it is quite different. Compared to JL's systems it is a little brighter/tintier in sound, just like a motocross exhaust system. In the lower rpm range it is suitable for city driving without any problems.

Due to the voluminous exhaust body it is recommended to use a longer shock absorber to achieve sufficient ground clearance. For the series 3 it is recommended to use the series 2 shock absorber.
The rear running board should be lifted as far as possible. If necessary, the holes in the L-bracket can be made into oblong holes to achieve the required clearance. In addition, the rear running board must be cut out to avoid contact between the running board and the rear shock absorber/stinger. The PM units are available in untreated sheet metal or chrome-plated.
The untreated units are supplied oiled and should be protected against the brown plague with our heat-resistant exhaust paint or a galvanic coating before commissioning.

Conclusion: Light, noble and suitable for everyday use exhaust system with a good bite and a beautiful classic two-stroke sound!



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