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Frame -LML, drum brake- LML Star - including mudguard, side panels, tool box, handlebar, horn cover - orange

Frame -LML, drum brake- LML Star - including mudguard, side panels, tool box, handlebar, horn cover - orange


Brand new frame including all add-on parts at a bargain price! Buy now before there are none left!

We were able to secure the last available LML framesets for you and now we offer them for an absolute great price. The sets contain ready painted frames including all parts!

They come from the serial production of the popular LML Star and Stella models and are fully compatible with the Italian models. They have minor defects such as scratches, dents or dull paint spots, which is why they were sorted out at the factory. They are perfect for rebuilding an old scooter and reduce the restoration time considerably. The frame arrives with you and you can start!
Alternatively, they also offer a perfect basis for the painter to design the frame in your own desired paint. Time-consuming preparation work is not necessary with these sets!

For a price that you normally wouldn't even be able to pay the painter for, we can provide you with the complete frame including all the factory painted parts!


  • Vespa PX models 1984-1997 (drum brake)

  • Vespa PX models 1998-2017 (disc brake)

TIP: The difference between the two versions is the steering head, which is already prepared on the disc brake models to accommodate a hydraulic brake pump on the handlebars. Also the fender already has a hole for the brake line. Therefore, frames for disc brakes can also be used on models before 1998, if they are to be converted to disc brakes.

For the steering head, no matter which variant, an additional set of fitting bushes is required (Art.No. 3330705).


  • Frame

  • Mudguard

  • Jaws (side covers)

  • Handlebars (upper and lower part)

  • Switching handle

  • Horn fairing (cascade)

  • Luggage compartment


  • silver

  • black

  • orange

  • graphite

  • ivory

  • white

The frames have no frame number. At the TÜV you can have the new frame set approved as a replacement chassis, preferably after prior consultation. The frame number will be used by the donor vehicle and will be re-stamped by the donor or by the TÜV.

Treat the cavities with fluid film or Timemax cavity grease and the frame becomes 'immortal'.

The frames are delivered by a forwarding agent.
Please check the shipping costs with the delivery address in advance or alternatively pick up the frames yourself at our warehouse/shop near Cologne.

Box dimensions: L:
140 W: 56
H: 63

Weight: 45kg

Delivery lying on pallet

SPEDIT COSTS (Status 08/2020):

  • Germany: 49€ (without islands)

    Netherlands: 49€ (without islands)

  • Belgium: 49€

  • Luxembourg: 49€

  • Austria: 49€

  • France: 49€ (without islands, no overseas territories)

  • Switzerland: 79€ (customer pays customs and import duties)

  • Italy: 49€ (without islands)

  • Spain: 49€ (without islands)

  • Ireland:149€ (without islands)

  • Great Britain: 99€ (without islands)


€979.01 *

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
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Brand new frame including all add-on parts at a bargain price! Buy now before there are none...Continue reading

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