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Gear cluster set incl. 4th gear with 34 teeth -BENELLI type Drag Cluster- Vespa PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125cc, Cosa, Rally - 12-13-17-17 teeth

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Gear box (classic scooters)
number of teeth 4th gear: 34
number of teeth 1st gear cluster gear: 12
number of teeth 2nd gear cluster gear: 13
number of teeth 3rd gear cluster gear: 17
number of teeth 4th gear cluster gear: 17
type of teeth: straight
combinable 1st gear sprockets: 55 teeth (DRT, Benelli), 56 teeth (DRT), 57 teeth (BGM PRO), 57 teeth (DRT), 57 teeth (Piaggio, LML)
combinable 2nd gear sprockets: 40 teeth (DRT), 41 teeth (DRT), 42 teeth (BGM PRO), 42 teeth (DRT), 42 teeth (Piaggio, LML)
combinable 3rd gear sprockets: 36 teeth (DRT), 37 teeth (DRT), 38 teeth (BGM PRO), 38 teeth (DRT), 38 teeth (Piaggio, LML), 39 teeth (DRT)
combinable 4th gear sprockets: 34 teeth (Benelli)
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Part no.: BE21717 Number of teeth 12-13-17-17 teeth Price
In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
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Stefano Benelli's gearbox parts have a very good reputation in the racing scene, and rightly...Continue reading


Stefano Benelli's gearbox parts have a very good reputation in the racing scene, and rightly so.br /> Specialists such as BFA (formerly BSG) and Zirri have their gearbox parts manufactured by him.br /> If you are looking for reliable racing technology for your gearbox, you will find it here.
Hardened to an average of 60 HRC the Benelli parts offer exactly the perfect balance of sufficient hardness and necessary elasticity to withstand the enormous loads in a racing engine.

The Drag Cluster version offered here is a special, very closely stepped racing gearbox designed for maximum propulsion on the race track. For normal road use, it should be primarily combined with the longest possible gear reduction (BGM 25/62) in order to achieve a sufficiently high final speed.

In direct comparison with a PX200 series gearbox, with the BENELLI Drag Cluster, in its shortest version (12-13-15-15), all four gears are in the range of what the series gearbox already covers with three gears. This means that the fourth gear with the Benelli is as short as the third gear of the standard gearbox (provided that the primary reduction is of the same length).

Benelli uses a special gear wheel with 34 teeth for the 4th gear for its Drag Cluster gearboxes, which is included in the auxiliary shaft. The Drag Cluster gearbox is only compatible with this gear wheel. The gears 1-3 can be combined with the standard gears of the PX/Cosa 125-200 models. The Drag Cluster auxiliary shafts are used with a special ball bearing (15x32x13mm), which is also included.

A longer 1 gear with 55 teeth is also available. This is compatible with all 12-tooth first gear auxiliary shafts for the PX. This sprocket can be used in a PX old gearbox with cranked spider as well as in the modern Lusso gearbox with flat spider type.

Benelli offers three different graded auxiliary shafts (bold printed the different values to the original gearbox):



3. Gang


Original PX125-200






12/57 (opt. 55)




BENELLI GPX extra short

12/57 (opt. 55)




BENELLI GPX ultra short

12/57 (opt. 55)






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