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Gear selector -BGM PRO- 4 speed, H=50mm, VESPA PK50, PK80, PK125, V50 (V5A1T since no. 69444), Special (V5B3T since no. 94315), Elestart (V5B4T since no. 1514), PV125 (VMA2T since no. 150203), ET3 (VMB1T since no. 8161)

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The BGM Pro shift jaw is made of high-quality 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome molybdenum steel and is...Continue reading


The BGM Pro shift jaw is made of high-quality 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome molybdenum steel and is therefore very resistant. The flanks are very narrowly tolerated compared to the shifting claws otherwise available on the market. This guides the claw exactly in the main shaft and effectively prevents cabineting/tilting. The profile for the locking of the gear steps has been greatly improved and offers the following advantages:

GANG 1-2
The locking profile of the first gear has been revised so that it can be engaged more easily. It is also possible to shift into second gear much faster. This is a nice feature especially in racing to keep the traction interruption as short as possible.

GANG 2-4
The locking profiles of the other gears have been reworked so that the gears engage much more precisely. The unpleasant jumping out of a gear under load, which is often a problem with gearwheels that are already slightly worn with conventional shift claws, is thus largely prevented. The BGM switching spring supports this. Their spring force is precisely matched and offers ideal conditions for an easily shiftable gearbox with full engagement ratios.

The BGM Pro shift claw is manufactured for the so-called PK gearbox type. This is driven with the round type shifting claw (length of 50mm (overall height)). Round type gear shift claw means that the pins which engage in the gear wheel are provided with a radius at the transition to the end of the arm.

The PK type can be identified by the marking on the gear wheels. This always starts with a 42xx (= round switching claw with 50mm). The old type is characterized by the figure 37xx (= square shift claw with 51mm)

The PK gearbox version has already been produced in the last years of the V50 (V5A1T from no. 69444), V50 Special (V5B3T from no. 94315), V550 Elestart (V5B4T from no. V5A1T from no. 69444), V5 Special (V5B3T from no. 94315), V550 Elestart (V5B4T from no. V5A1T from no. 69444). 1514) as well as the PV125 (VMA2T from no. 150203) and ET3 (VMB1T from no. 8161).

The BGM Pro shift claw is designed for racing operation and has already been used very successfully in many cases. However, it can be used in everyday operation without any further restrictions and convinces with its high quality and perfect gear change behaviour.



23 May 2019

Excellent quality from bgm

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