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Honing tool for cylinder -UNIVERSAL- Ø=32-89mm

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EAN: 4250366609331
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Handy little tool to get seizure or wear marks off the cylinder wall. Easily done -even possible...Continue reading


Handy little tool to get seizure or wear marks off the cylinder wall.

Easily done -even possible with portable electric drill- and a 5 minute job. Move the tool slowly up and down the cylinder to get a nice cross-grinding pattern again.

If there are spots on the piston as well -and they are not too heavy- then you can use abrasive paper (400) for removing those. But be careful to remove those parallel to the piston rings.

The delivery contains a set of spare stones.

Attention: Be careful with cylinders which have large cut outs at the cylinder bottom for the transfer ports. Otherwise the grinding tool can get stucked in.


10 Jan 2018

Könnte stabiler sein. Hat sich sofort zerlegt.

19 Aug 2017

Très bien avec les pierres de rechange

18 Aug 2017

Exelent pour reprendre les marques légères sur les cylindres

26 Jul 2017

Sehr gut einsetzbar.
Hat gut funktioniert.
Für einen gelegentlichen Hobby- Einsatz völlig ausreichend.

24 Jan 2016

gute ware

14 Dec 2015

Für Zylinder Revision

3 Nov 2015


10 Aug 2015

hält das was es verspricht

22 Apr 2015

Funktionieret recht gut - ausserdem billiger als beim Mitbewerber

24 Mar 2015

ent spricht nicht meiner vorstellung

10 Nov 2014

Very simple tool to use and is cheap !! It works well and there are also parts kit ....

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