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Horn -PIAGGIO 6V DC- Vespa - Ø=75mm

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main colour: silver
tension: 6 V
current: DC
outer diameter: 74 mm
diameter hole circle: 65 mm
number of fixing holes: 3
special feature: -
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Original Piaggio horn for scooters with 6Volt DC and 3-hole mounting. Incl. adjusting screw....Continue reading


Original Piaggio horn for scooters with 6Volt DC and 3-hole mounting.

Incl. adjusting screw.

Diameter 75mm therefore not suitable for the Vespa Rally models for the German market. These have a horn with 90mm diameter.

  • Voltage: 6Volt
  • Voltage type: DC voltage
  • Ø outside: 75mm
  • Mounting: 3-hole


AC stands for alternating current = alternating voltage = ratchet
DC stands for direct current = direct voltage = horn

Many old vehicles without battery use alternating voltage as on-board power supply. Only so-called buzzers can be connected to it. These are recognizable by a tone pitch which increases and decreases with engine speed.

Due to the non-constant frequency, buzzers have not been in conformity with the registration of German vehicles since approx. 1980. At this time, most vehicles were equipped with a battery and a DC on-board power supply. Here the real horns are used, recognizable by a constantly constant pitch, independent of the engine speed.

There are some exceptions where a DC horn was used, despite the AC on-board power supply. Piaggio used so-called horn rectifiers from 1984 onwards, with the introduction of the Lusso series. Here, a special bridge rectifier with downstream capacitors, which is only responsible for the horn, converts the AC on-board power supply for the horn into DC. This rectifier can also be retrofitted to all vehicles with a 12V AC on-board power supply if, for example, the TÜV does not accept a ratchet.

NOTE: Almost all German Vespa PK and PX models require a horn (DC).


NOTE: Piaggio purchases its goods from various manufacturers in Europe and Asia. The picture material may therefore differ from the delivered goods.



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