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Ignition -BGM PRO stator HP V4.5 silicone AC- Lambretta electronic ignition

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The bgm PRO ignition base plates for the Lambretta were one of the first bgm products. The first...Continue reading


The bgm PRO ignition base plates for the Lambretta were one of the first bgm products. The first samples were presented at the Eurolambretta 2007 in Neckarsulm. The base plate is based on the electronic ignition, which was introduced in 1970 with the Lambretta dl 200 electronic, later adapted by Piaggio for the Vespa and is probably the most widely used ignition.

With the 4.5 version of the ignition base plate good things get even better. And the proven features remain natural and have even been improved in many small details.
  • High light output (120W) due to maximum number of windingsProven
  • excitation coil with copper plate for highest reliabilityPickup
  • with carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition pulseCleanly
  • processed light coilsHigh-quality
  • solder jointsGrey
  • and black bougier tubeSufficient
  • cable length for individual wiringOptional
  • spacers to adjust the pickup height when used with other pole wheels than the bgm PRO rotor.

In direct comparison the bgm PRO ignition base plate gives an extremely stable ignition spark and due to the optimized number of turns and wiring a maximum light output.

New features are:
  • Base plate with exact scaling to the degree for quick ignition adjustment when flashingExtremely flexible and temperature-resistant silicone cables (-40°C to +250°C).

    The alternators are available as AC and DC version:

    • AC = Alternating current = Light via alternatoreDC
    • = Direct current = Light via battery

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