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Indicator set front + rear -MOTO NOSTRA (2014-2018) dynamic LED sequential light, front with day time running light and rear with position light (E-mark)- Vespa GT, GTL, GTV, GTS 125-300 - smoked

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MOTO NOSTRA turn signal with dynamic running light for Vespa GTS SAFETY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY...Continue reading


MOTO NOSTRA turn signal with dynamic running light for Vespa GTS

This new technology increases the optical width of the rear in the dark, the perception in traffic is improved significantly. The bright LEDs of the turn signals are already clearly visible from a long distance. The running light is also optically better detected than with a conventional turn signal.

The tinted turn signals offer an exclusive and noble look. When they are not in use they are optically more elegant.

The matching MOTO NOSTRA taillights (see accessories below) have the exact same tint of the glass and an identical reflector design. Therefore they harmonize very nicely with the turn signals and together they form a very successful optical and technical upgrade for the rear of the vehicle.

A special concern for us was the quality and fit. Both is with the MOTO NOSTRA turn signals on a very high level and thus a high-quality alternative to the turn signals of Power 1.
In addition, the Moto Nostra turn signals are always delivered with connection adapters. There is therefore no need to make any changes to the wiring harness!

Of course, the indicators have a test mark and are approved for public road traffic (no TÜV approval required).

Connection & ADAPTER
An adapter plug is included in the set (BGM6606BL18). This extends the wiring of the rear light and at the same time taps the power for the position lights which are not available as standard. The extension also allows the cables to be laid in the bead below the rear light.




Fits the following vehicles


8 Apr 2020
Blinker überzeugen

+ passgenaues Design
+ Lauflichteffekt sieht wirklich gut aus
+ Kinderleicht einzubauen dank mitgelieferter Adapterkabel z.B. Positionslicht am Heck
+ toller Plasmaeffekt des Positionslichtes bei den hinteren Blinkern
+ tolle Gesamtoptik
+ E-Prüfzeichen und damit keine Zulassungsdiskussion

- sehr empfindliche Oberfläche da hochglanz - bereits kleine Kratzer beim Auspacken vorhanden
- unbedingt wenig Drehmoment beim Montieren beachten, da sonst der Kunststoff um die Befestigungsschraube reißen kann
- kein Plasmaeffekt der Positionslichter beim vorderen Blinkerpaar, sondern einzelne LED-Lichter zu erkennen

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