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Intake manifold - for reed valve -LTH- Vespa VNA,VNB, VBB, VBC, GT, GTR, Sprint, Rally, PX, Cosa - reed valve below SI carburettor

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CNC machined membrane box for mounting under the carburetor pan. Replaces the crankshaft...Continue reading


CNC machined membrane box for mounting under the carburetor pan.
Replaces the crankshaft controlled rotary slide valve inlet.
Suitable for all Vespa large frame engines with rotary vane control (Dell'Orto SI carburettor) from approx. 1962.

Ideal to use engine housing with defective inlet rotary vane. Adapting the engine housing to the intake port increases the draw and performance.
Supplied with gaskets and 2 long M7 studs.

If the set is to be used on engines whose carburettor is fixed with hexagon socket screws, a fixing set is required (5250049K).

NOTE: Only suitable for Vespa engines with long sealing surface for the carburetor pan. Vespa T5 and some PX80-150 engines have less than 60 mm sealing surface (measured between the holes for the carburettor mounting screws), here the set does not fit. The set cannot be used together with an oil pump.


Fits the following vehicles


27 Jul 2017

Leider ist der Anbau nur mit nacharbeiten am Block möglich...

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