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Catalogue -SCOOTER CENTER- Vespa Wideframe - Faro Basso, lamp down, V98, V1-33, VM, VN, ACMA, VB1T, VGL1T, VL1T, GS150 - German

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The Scooter-Center Wideframe catalogue has been created for all Vespa scooters from the...Continue reading


The Scooter-Center Wideframe catalogue has been created for all Vespa scooters from the beginning of production at Piaggio in 1946 until the last ''wide frame'' models in 1961. These long neglected model series, whose collective term ''Wideframe'' comes from their very wide frame and beautifully curved lines, are not only the beginning of a long success story, they also represent the pure essence of Vespa.

Rudimentary but solid and already very cleverly constructed technology has established Piaggio''s world reputation in the post-war period. Together with the stunningly beautifully designed chassis, these vehicles are therefore not only something for lovers of old technology, they unconsciously appeal to anyone who enjoys real things. No plastic, no Chichi but pure functional technology in a breathtaking case. Those who have driven a Wideframe for the first time can usually hardly resist its unobtrusive charm.

The circle of friends of Vespa Wideframe vehicles, whose production by the way went far beyond the Italian language area, grows daily and unites the most diverse drivers and owners. Whether the optimization of the brakes or the chassis for an increased safety in today''s road traffic, increase of the engine power by also times longer stages more lively under the wheels increase or completely simply the restoration or preservation of the irretrievable original condition; All unites the love to the scrap metal with so much soul.

In addition to a detailed (international) model and engine overview, the catalogue contains the following chapters:

    • 2-channel engine
    • 1-channel engine
    • GS150 engine

  • Ignition
    • Conversion to electronic ignition
    • Fan wheels, voltage regulators, ignition coils & CDI
    • Shock absorbers
    • Brakes
    • Couplings, gear ratios, gearbox

75 pages packed to the brim with many interesting parts and inspirations!

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