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Carburator -KEIHIN PWK 28mm manual choke - CS=34mm - Adjusting screws rhs

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KEIHIN PWK 28 carburetor. Supplied with 50 idle jet, 135 main jet, needle JJH, slide 3,5. The...Continue reading


KEIHIN PWK 28 carburetor. Supplied with 50 idle jet, 135 main jet, needle JJH, slide 3,5.
The connection diameter is 34 mm for the inlet side and 49 mm for the air filter.
The KEIHIN carb is a very powerful alternative to Dellorto VHSA and Mikuni TMX carbs. The KEIHIN is perfect made. The bore holes to feed the carb with fuel are much better than on the KOSO.
The KEIHIN are even easier to the setup properly. Their responding is very good. Over the whole rev range the KEIHIN persuades with a high power output and a good over rev potential. Not without cause they are applied in the racing fraternity from Moto-X to street racing.

Some advice to set it up: If you have a Piaggio engine fitted with a MHR Team cylinder kit or a similar kit you just have to change the main jet. That should be in the range of 145 - 150. If you do have a MHR kit or something similar fitted to a Minarelli engine the main jet should be between 150 - 158.

Kyajet - PWK tuning tool (click)

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10 Feb 2016

Sehr guter Vergaser, kompakt sodass er mit MRP Membran in eine Sprint passt, jedoch Standgasschraube auf der falschen Seite sowie Leerlaufgemischschraube nicht zugänglich - Vergaser muss dafür ausgebaut werden

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