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Liquid gasket -LOCTITE omniVISC® 1050- 90g

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OmniVISC® 1050 Is a versatile elastic silicone rubber adhesive. It is ready for use and cures at...Continue reading


OmniVISC® 1050 Is a versatile elastic silicone rubber adhesive. It is ready for use and cures at room temperature by contact with the moisture film present on all surfaces and the air humidity.

It is particularly suitable for bonding and sealing materials with different thermal expansion, e.g. metals, glass, ceramics, wood, fabric, leather, elastomers and thermosetting plastics with and among each other. OmniVISC® 1050 begins to harden after approx. 15 minutes (recognizable by skin formation"). Curing progresses more or less rapidly depending on the size of the surface exposed to humidity. Depending on the application, a complete curing time of 24 h to several days must be expected.

After complete curing, good chemical resistance, e.g. against water, weak acids and alkalis, fuels and lubricants, inert and fuel gases, oxygen, hydraulic fluids, etc. It has a wide temperature range from -70 °C to +200 °C under continuous load. In this area it retains its elasticity. It is suitable both for narrow adhesive and sealing gaps and for filling large joints and gaps. The silicone rubber adhesive has anti-adhesive properties. Therefore, neither paints nor varnishes nor other media adhere to cured omniVISC surfaces.

It is characterized by very good electrical insulating properties. Together with its resistance to abrasion, moisture, weathering and chemicals, it is suitable as a protective coating. OmniVISC® 1050 is colourless transparent and has good wetting and adhesion properties due to its soft flowing properties.

omniVISC® 1050

offers a range of rational solutions for all

>manufacturing and repair problems, e.g.:

  • seals formed on site instead of a myriad of different finished seals made of paper, cork, rubber, etc. especially in the automotive industry
  • for bonding and sealing of glass with metals and plastics in automotive engineering, architecture and apparatus engineering
  • for sealing and securing threads when easy release is desired, i.e. when even low-strength anaerobic adhesives (e.g. omniFIT 50 M) are still too strong
  • for fixing aluminium type plates and company signs on rough surfaces of other materials instead of screwing or riveting
  • for bonding fabrics of all kinds with plastics and metals in the automotive and appliance industry
  • for bonding thermosetting plastics with metal parts in relay and switch construction, especially for temperature stresses
  • when filling and sealing joints at bushings of cables, pipes, devices, switches, lighting fixtures, especially in explosion-proof rooms
  • for abrasion-resistant and anti-adhesive lining of containers, Bunkers and silos in chemical apparatus engineering
  • for sealing all types of windows in instrument front panels, heating furnaces, gas appliances, water meters and caravans

TIP: Excellent as exhaust sealant or for the cylinder head!



15 Oct 2016

Auspuff abgedichtet

28 Feb 2016

Vielseitig verwendbare Silikondichtung im Kfz-Bereich. Ich verwende es zur Montage von Papierdichtungsmaterialien

12 Jan 2016

Sehr gut.

6 Oct 2015

Tolles Produkt, sehr gut zu verarbeiten zum zusätzlichen Dichten von Motorhälften giebts meiner Meinung nach nichts besseres.

26 Aug 2015

Optimale Dichtmasse - besser als alle Silikondichtmassen.

18 May 2015


15 Apr 2015

ist genau das, was ich bestellt habe

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