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Mounting clip for bridge piece -SLUK CLIP- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP

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SLUK Clip is the ultimate solution to one of the most painful problems of Lambretta ownership:...Continue reading


SLUK Clip is the ultimate solution to one of the most painful problems of Lambretta ownership: those infernal bridge-piece nuts.

The easiest explanation is to watch this video.

For many Lambretta jobs you have to first remove the running boards, and that means removing the bridge-piece screws. The problem is that the nuts are hard to access and stuck next to a hot exhaust. Cue burnt fingers and swearing.

What the Lambretta world needs is a floating-nut solution that offers the same advantages a previous bridge-piece fitting kits but without the need to drill your frame.

Enter the SLUK Clip: Sticky’s original idea has taken five prototypes and eight months of development to perfect and put into production.

For Lambretta owners this really is a revolution…

What’s in the kit?

The box contains:

  • 2 stainless steel clips that fit over any S1, S2 or S3 strut.
  • 2 stainless M5 slotted raised countersunk screws (like the originals)
  • 2 adhesive rubber washers to replace those under the running board
  • 1 ‘SLUK Clip’ sticker

How does it work?

Simply stick the adhesive rubber washers to the clips. Push the clips onto the floor strut. Use a small screwdriver to align the clips. Reassemble the bodywork and fit the screws. You are done!

The SLUK Clip is designed to provide a captive thread for the screw which can float backwards or forwards in the slot to allow perfect location of your bridge-piece. The screw heads also look like the originals making this kit suitable for use on restorations.

Is it quick to fit?

Yes, you can do it without removing your running boards. Watch this video.

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