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Pickup -BGM PRO- Vespa PX, PK XL, Cosa, Lambretta (electronic ignition)

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The PickUp is responsible for the correct ignition timing, analogous to a hall sensor in a car....Continue reading


The PickUp is responsible for the correct ignition timing, analogous to a hall sensor in a car. It gives the CDI the signal when it should trigger the ignition signal. Inside the PickUp there is a coil with very fine copper wire windings. This induces a voltage during the rotation of the magnetic pole wheel. As soon as the trigger and pickup match (two slim overlapping metal tongues in the magnetic core of the pole wheel), a voltage peak is triggered which triggers the CDI and releases the ignition signal.

If the pickup is defective, the ignition signal is not triggered at all or is triggered at the wrong time.
A simple test can be carried out with a resistance measurement. To do this, measure the outgoing cable of the PickUp against ground for resistance. The measured values should be 100 Ohm plus/minus 5 Ohm. Even with a higher resistance, the engine is usually still running, but the higher resistance can already indicate an incipient defect in the pickup.

The BGM pickup is very high-quality and always provides the CDI with an exact ignition signal through a carbon barrier layer. This not only improves the starting behaviour, but the ignition remains stable even with very high revving engines.


Fits the following vehicles


10 Mar 2019
Funktioniert einwandfrei auf Original-ZGP

Baut minimal höher als das Ori-Pickup, grünes Kabel könnte etwas länger sein. Aber sonst einwandfrei, Motor läuft.

10 Apr 2016

Gutes Ersatzteil,
paßt genau und funktioniert

14 Feb 2016

Bisher alles gut !

27 Aug 2015

Alles Gut

7 Aug 2015

Immer wieder

6 Aug 2015

Gut verarbeitetes Ersatzteil zu einem vernünftigen Preis! Kabel hat eine ausreichende Länge, so dass man es bequem anlöten kann.
Funktioniert bis jetzt sehr gut!

11 Jun 2015

perfekt und besser als original

22 Apr 2015

Soll ja der Beste unter den Schlechten sein ! Hoffe der hält länger als der alte, neue !

6 Dec 2014


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Pickup -OEM QUALITY- Vespa PX, PK XL, Cosa, Lambretta (electronic ignition)
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€19.94 *
*incl. VAT plus shipping costs
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