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Pliers set -TOPTUL- Combination pliers, Diagonal cutting pliers, Mechanics’ Pliers - 3 pcs

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EAN: 4711671596650
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TOPTUL has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 20 years and is absolutely unbeatable...Continue reading


TOPTUL has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 20 years and is absolutely unbeatable in terms of price/performance comparison. TOPTUL products have been in daily use for many years and are convincing time and time again.

As an example, the finely subdivided toothing of the ratchets. The solid and robust design with 72 teeth has a segmentation of only 5 degrees (1/72 rotation), which means that even in very narrow places with little working travel for the ratchet, work can be carried out precisely and without having to reposition the ratchet.

TOPTUL tools naturally meet or exceed the current standards such as DIN / ISO / ANSI. The in-house quality control is very strict and is expressed, for example, in the individual measurement report enclosed with each torque wrench regarding the measuring accuracy and the release behaviour.

From our own experience, we can recommend the TOPTUL products to every "intensive helicopter" with a clear conscience.



Fits the following vehicles

  • Universal


23 May 2016

Top Produkt!! Liegt gut in der Hand!!

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