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Rear brake hub incl. multispline layshaft and bearing -CASA PERFORMANCE Octopus Multispline- Lambretta LI (series 3), LIS, SX, TV (series 3), DL, GP - silver painted

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This is the 'Octopus' 8 - stud rear hub + layshaft kit. The kit consists of the following...Continue reading


This is the 'Octopus' 8 - stud rear hub + layshaft kit.
The kit consists of the following parts:

  • 1 x Octopus 8 - stud rear hub
  • 1 x multi-spline Superstrong layshaft
  • 1 x special rear hub bearing with unique oilseal
  • 8 x special hub studs
  • 8 x special 14mm Lambretta style wheel nuts
  • 8 x split washers 1 x special rear hub nut
  • 1 x locking ring set for rear hub nut

This is a breakthough in Lambretta technology! This kit does away with the dire rear hub cone set-up as the hub and layshaft have multi-splines. This means that no cone is used and the hub can now be removed WITHOUT the need for an extractor! The actual threaded section of the FORGED layshaft has been increased from the standard Lambretta size of 16mm up to a massive 18mm cross-section, which vastly improves safety. The special rear hub nut supplied in the kit obviously has a 18mm thread but still maintains the standard Lambretta 27mm outside diameter.

This alone is fantastic BUT there's more! The Octopus rear hub has EIGHT studs, instead of the standard Lambretta 4-stud arrangement so you now have DOUBLE the number of nuts fastening the wheel to the hub. The casting for these hubs has been made utilising an original FP Innocenti mould and the Casa Performance team worked for 12 months on getting these hubs right! The thickness of the aluminium casting around the steel centre-boss of the hub has also been increased.

The reason we supply a special rear hub bearing with the kit is that splined hubs require a larger centre ring of the wheel bearing to sit up against and therefore a smaller than standard oilseal is needed - and that too is supplied in the kit. The idea of this kit is to supply a fantastic quality Italian-made SAFETY UPGRADE for all Lambretta riders.

This kit is designed to fit ANY Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP DL + Serveta or CasaCase.

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