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Roll bag (large) for carrier (alternative to topcase) -MOTO NOSTRA Classic 'waxed canvas' 480x300x270mm- suitable for e.g. Vespa, Lambretta, GTS, GTV, LX/LXV, ET4, S50-150, Sprint, Primavera - 35 litres - brown

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The large Moto Nostra Classic case is the ideal and stylish alternative to the normal hard shell...Continue reading


The large Moto Nostra Classic case is the ideal and stylish alternative to the normal hard shell top case. It offers a surprising amount of storage space with compact external dimensions.
Perfectly fitting for all classic cars and vehicles in retro look and an additional great eyecatcher.

The waxed surface offers rain protection and a perfect vintage look.
If you are more into a clean look, scratches in the wax surface can be made invisible with a normal hairdryer.

The bag is extremely robust even without filling and therefore absolutely stable even at high speeds, e.g. on the motorway.
The Moto Nostra Classic has a clever closure technology. The contents are very well protected but still quickly accessible.

Thanks to the rain cover, it defies all weather and is therefore an absolutely adequate replacement for a conventional hard shell top case.

  • Bag material: waxed canvas (water-repellent)
  • Leather straps with brass buckles and studs
  • Hidden underneath, practical click fasteners
  • Snap lock with numerical code (code self-adjustable)
  • Nice Moto Nostra lettering in vintage look
  • Side pockets with zipper
  • Including rain cover
  • With carrying handle
  • Retro/Vintage Look
  • Mounting by means of straps (part of the case) on luggage carrier / luggage rack

The bag is very easily mounted on the luggage carrier or a luggage rack with mounting straps which are attached (removable) to the bag.
Also available in a small version with 10 litres of storage space (see 'alternatives')

The code of the combination lock is very easy to set yourself. Simply pull the central locking bolt downwards, as if you were opening the lock.
Hold the bolt and at the same time set the dials to the desired code. Now the case can only be opened with the new code.

CONCLUSION: Practical and yet an absolute eye-catcher!AI-translation


Fits the following vehicles

  • Universal
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