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Rust remover for fuel tank -FERTAN FeDOX- concentrate - 1000ml

Rust remover for fuel tank -FERTAN FeDOX- concentrate - 1000ml


FeDOX from Fertan is perfectly suited to derust rusted metal parts quickly and easily. Ideally suited to professionally repair a rusted tank. In contrast to the conventional Fertan rust converter, the rust is not converted in this product, but completely removed. It contains a very low percentage of acid and is therefore safe to use even for inexperienced users. The effect is further enhanced by heat.

Rust removal with FeDOX:

  • protective clothing: Protective goggles, gloves
  • Dismantle tank / work piece
  • Degrease work piece / tank (inside)
  • Dilute FeDOX on the bottle according to the instructions for use
  • Heat up FeDOX to 55-60° C
  • Pour FeDOX into tank / place work pieces in the derusting bath
  • Leave FeDOX to take effect (several hours, if necessary, stir or swivel/shake occasionally)
  • in case of severe rusting repeat the treatment if necessary

tip: Treat chrome parts with FeDOX only if the surface is not damaged. Otherwise the chromium layer can be infiltrated and peel off.

  • filling quantity: 1000ml


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Unit: 1 l

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Safety and hazard warnings
hazard pictograms:
directive: Complies with directive (EC) No. 1272/2008 and its adaptations.
signal word: DANGER
product identifier: EC 201-069-1: Citricacid, EC 201-180-5: Glycollicacid, EC 231-633-2: Phosphoric acid ... %
Hazard warnings - physical danger: H290: May be corrosive to metals
Hazard warnings - health hazard: H314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
Safety instructions - prevention: P260: Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray., P280: Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection/hearing protection/.
Safety instructions - reaction: P303 + P361 + P353: IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin, P305 + P351 + P338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lens, P310: Immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor/…
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FeDOX from Fertan is perfectly suited to derust rusted metal parts quickly and easily. Ideally...Continue reading

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19 Oct 2016

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14 Oct 2016

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