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Sevice kit -PIAGGIO- Vespa GTS HPE 300 (ZAPMA3600, ZAPMD310), Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (ZAPMA360, ZAPMD3100)

Sevice kit -PIAGGIO- Vespa GTS HPE 300 (ZAPMA3600, ZAPMD310), Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (ZAPMA360, ZAPMD3100)


We offer inspection kits with all necessary standard parts that should be changed during such a complete inspection.
The -PIAGGIO- inspection kits are sets in which only original Piaggio spare parts are used.

In addition to the kits, we also offer many supplementary products for the maintenance and care of the scooter. Be it engine or gearbox oil, cleaner, coolant or rust remover.

The inspection kit contains: V-belt, vario rollers, spark plug, air filter, oil filter, brake pad front+rear.

Used oil disposal
According to the used oil ordinance, we are obligated to take back the following used oils free of charge: -- Combustion engine oils -- Transmission oils -- Oil filters and oily waste regularly generated during oil changes. You can return the used oil to us in the quantity corresponding to the quantity purchased from us.

The place of return is our sales location named below:
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1
50129 Bergheim - Glessen
Direct enquiries by telephone 02238-307430.

If you carry out the oil change yourself, use the local possibilities to hand in your used oil (possibly for a fee) at recycling centres (e.g. recycling yard). You can usually find out whether your local recycling centre accepts used oil on site or from your local council.

We accept and dispose of waste oil in accordance with section 8 of the Waste Oil Ordinance (§8 AltölV).


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