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Spacer kit for gear selctor box -DER DICHTER- Vespa Largeframe, PX, Cosa, T5 125cc, Rally, Sprint, GT, GTR, Super, GL, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB, GS160, SS180, LML Star, Stella, Speedy 125-200 - 0.25/0.50/0.75mm

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With the introduction of the so-called PX Lusso models around 1984, Piaggio also made a...Continue reading


With the introduction of the so-called PX Lusso models around 1984, Piaggio also made a technical update of the gearboxes. This includes a redesigned main shaft (with grooves for a better detent under load), a new type of shifting cross (flat), a modified shifting pin (without washer) and the shifting notch. The position of the shift arm is decisive for the position of the shift cross in the gearbox. If this is not correct, there will be a rattling idle and/or jumping out of gear (unless wear of the gear shift paddle or the gear shift lever is responsible for this).

To check if you have a PX old (up to 1984) or a PX Lusso gear shift paddle in front of you, simply shift to the 3 gear position. Now you can check if the sliding shoe of the shift arm protrudes 1,5mm (= PX old) or if it is flush with the sealing surface (= PX Lusso). In order to compensate for these, one uses the spacers offered here. With this it is also possible to use a PX old shift key on a PX Lusso transmission.

The PX Lusso transmissions are still used today and were also used in the Vespa T5, Cosa and LML models.


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