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Spare wheel carrier and Battery tray bracket -CMD Fat Bat- Vespa PX, stainless steel

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Spare wheel holder and battery holder 'FAT BAT' by CMD for Vespa PX, LML Star, Stella...Continue reading


Spare wheel holder and battery holder 'FAT BAT' by CMD for Vespa PX, LML Star, Stella

Replaces the original battery holder under the left side cover (if available ex works) and allows you to use tubeless rims as spare wheels by offset mounting points.


  • Tubeless rims can be mounted

  • Combination spare wheel/resonance exhaust possible

  • Stainless steel

Due to the offset, it is often possible to mount a spare wheel with a resonance exhaust at the same time (please check individually depending on the type of exhaust).

The included battery holder made of stainless steel (V2A) comes with mounting material and is permanently protected against rust by e.g. battery acid.

Rubber buffer and battery strap are not included and can be taken from the original battery holder. New rubber parts can be found under 'Accessories'.


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