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Spring for primary gear -BGM PRO- Vespa PX, Cosa, T5 125cc, Rally, Sprint, VBB - 48N/mm

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The now possible power and torque values of the so-called small-frame motors have increased...Continue reading


The now possible power and torque values of the so-called small-frame motors have increased strongly in recent years and seem to continue to grow steadily. Power and torque values of well over 35PS / 30Nm are becoming more and more common. This of course also places a much greater load on other components.
An important and highly stressed link between crankshaft and gearbox is the clutch and the primary drive. The weakest link in this chain are the springs of the shock absorber.

They transmit the entire torque to the rear wheel. They ensure a uniform power transmission to the gearbox and dampen the unbalance of the crank drive between the dead centres. Heavy crankshafts, increasingly lighter flywheels and heavy load changes not only during racing, shorten the hard life of the original springs.

Fitting to the BGM PRO primary repair kits BGM0195F48 and of course the original primary repair kits, we have included reinforced springs in our range.
Compared to a Piaggio spring, the BGM spring offers more spring force and more working distance due to the selection of the spring wire.

The larger possible working travel and increased spring rate protect the gearbox and primary drive from tooth breaking load peaks even under harsh operating conditions.

The advantages of the BGM PRO spring (BGM0190F48) for primary Vespa large frame:

  • increased working distance
  • increased spring force
  • original installation dimension
  • material selection and processing for increased durability
  • suitable for many primary drives

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