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Sticker -VESPA Racing Team- Ø=60mm

€4.09 *

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
quantity incl.: 1
background: no
material: film
adherend: rear
sacrificial liner:
dimensions: Ø=60mm
main colour: black
2nd colour: white
3rd colour: red
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Decals need to be applied to a clean smooth surface. Prep the surface by spraying with our brake...Continue reading


Decals need to be applied to a clean smooth surface. Prep the surface by spraying with our brake cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth.

In case of large decals, it is advisable to spray the surface with a little water before applying the decal. You might add a drop of washing-up liquid to the water to make it slide well. This helps you to correct the position of the decal while applying it onto the surface without damaging it.

For decals on a backing paper: take a squeegee (or something with a hard edge) and run it carefully over the decal to remove the water. This way you avoid nasty bubbles and improve the fixing of the decal on the surface.

For decals without paper backing you might use a transparent file jacket from your stationer’s in the same way. Of course, if you’ve got a steady hand, you might just as well position your decal without the help of the water trick.


19 Aug 2019

I love stickers on my P range, what more can I say!

17 Jun 2019

Very nice sticker

9 Mar 2018

Vinilo de muy buena calidad. Tamaño perfecto para casco y para cúpula.

19 Oct 2015

Gute Quallität, und sieht gut aus

2 Aug 2015


19 Nov 2014

Im Netz versprochene gratis Aufkleber wurden nicht mitgesendet

7 Nov 2014

alles prima

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