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Swing arm brace -BGM PRO Superstrong- Piaggio 125-180 cc 2-stroke

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EAN: 4250366709260
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Stay bgm PRO for Piaggio 125-180cc 2stroke AC/LC enigines - on which the rear rim is fixed by 5...Continue reading


Stay bgm PRO for Piaggio 125-180cc 2stroke AC/LC enigines - on which the rear rim is fixed by 5 nuts.

With this stay the engine casing is much more stronger and more capable of sustaining the power of highly tuned engine. Broken casings should be an issue of the past.
Fitting is pretty easy and is done via the five schrews of the rear rim and the front mounting of the exhaust. The exhaust mounting has to be altered for fitting.
The stay is made of a special, very hard alloy composition using CNC machining. The delivery contains the complete mounting materials as well as high quality bearings from Japan or Germany.
The bgm PRO stay was very succesfully tested. Among other things by Kübler racing team at Scooter Cross Racing events. To get your casings stiffer the stay is very much state of the art!
The price is not as high as it appears on a first view. If you have a look at the high amount of time that goes in a Highend tuning casing and the availability of usable engine casing it is becoming comparable cheap.

Looks very able as well!!! Dose not fit with the original exhaust!


26 Feb 2018


2 Feb 2016


28 Sep 2015

looks great, looking forward to fitting it.

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