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Swing arm brace -BGM PRO Superstrong- Piaggio 125-180 cc 2-stroke

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Motor housing reinforcement -bgm PRO- made of high-strength aluminium. CNC milled and noble...Continue reading


Motor housing reinforcement -bgm PRO- made of high-strength aluminium.
CNC milled and noble black anodized.
massively stiffens the engine housing and should not be missing in any stronger tuning setup!

Fits the 125/180cc 2-stroke engine case from Piaggio/Gilera with rear wheel disc brake:


  • Runner 125 FX DD
  • Runner 180 FXR DD


  • Dragster 125
  • Dragster 180

background: The engines of these models can be relatively easily increased in power by 100% and more. It is based on the very stable older Piaggio SKR125 engine blocks with 10 inch tires. For the use with 13 inch tires, the Runner / Dragster engine housings have been made slimmer in the tire area. This is a neuralgic weak point and often leads to cracks in the housing during hard power use.
The additional swing arm absorbs torsional forces and thus prevents damage to the valuable engine housing.

NOTE: For mounting the engine housing as well as the exhaust bracket must be modified (see under "downloads"). On the engine housing the original mounting points of the exhaust system must be shortened between 5-10mm (depending on the combination of wheel hub, rim and engine housing). The exhaust bracket has to be adjusted individually, depending on the used system, to guarantee a sufficient distance to the swingarm.

Not suitable for use with original exhaust systems.





26 Feb 2018


2 Feb 2016


28 Sep 2015

looks great, looking forward to fitting it.

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