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Syringe -B.BRAUN Injekt® Solo- PE - 20ml

Syringe -B.BRAUN Injekt® Solo- PE - 20ml
Syringe -B.BRAUN Injekt® Solo- PE - 20ml
Syringe -B.BRAUN Injekt® Solo- PE - 20ml


2-part disposable syringe
  • graduation in ml for volume dosing, scale extended beyond the nominal volume

  • material: cylinder: polypropylene, piston: Polyethylene

  • Highly transparent cylinder with green piston rod and black graduation for ideal readability, wipe-resistant

  • Secure piston stop for problem-free pulling up to the maximum volume

  • Silicone oil-free

  • Luer attachment for attaching the needle centric or eccentric

  • Luer-Lock cone, centric

  • latex and PVC-free



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