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Tone wheel ABS sensor rear -KB-Racing SPEEDWHEEL (+6mph)- Vespa GTS SUPER 300 HPE, GTS SUPERSPORT 300, GTS SUPERTECH 300 HPE - (ZAPMA3600, Euro 4, 2019-)

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SPEEDWHEEL - Ingenious tuning part for more top speed from KÜBLER RACING for Vespa GTS HPE 300...Continue reading


SPEEDWHEEL - Ingenious tuning part for more top speed from KÜBLER RACING for Vespa GTS HPE 300 models (from 2019 onwards)

10km/h faster without changing anything on the engine?
With the modified tone wheel from Kübler Racing this is possible without any problems.
The tone wheel is a slotted steel disc on the rear wheel.
This is used to determine the wheel speed for the ASR/ABS control.

  • Plus 10km/h final speed

  • No intervention in the engine necessary

  • Easy to retrofit

  • Not visible from outside

  • No increased wear and tear

The Vespa GTS HPE has more power at the rear wheel than its predecessors, the final speed unfortunately does not benefit from this due to an early limiter. This is partly due to the speedometer display, which shows a somewhat strong advance. At real 120km/h the speedometer already shows 130km/h.
From a speedometer of 130km/h the on-board electronics regulate consistently.

final SPEED
This is exactly where the new tone-wheel from Kübler Racing comes in. What at first sounds like magic is ultimately simple physics. The new tonewheel has a modified geometry, which means that the exact, real speed is now transmitted to the control electronics. Now the displayed 130km/h are real 130km/h on the road. The speed limiter therefore also takes effect 10km/h later, although the speedometer shows the same amount as before the conversion (130km/h).

Ideally, the higher final speed can be confirmed by a comparison using GPS speed measurement (e.g. via mobile phone) before and after the conversion.

In the stored performance diagram you can see the difference between the speed limiter before and after the conversion.

For the conversion, the exhaust and the swing arm on the right side of the vehicle (in the direction of travel) are removed. After the simple exchange of the tonewheel (at the rear wheel rim bolted by 5pcs. M6x20 hexagon socket screws) only the ASR system is recalibrated, that's all. The recalibration can be done by yourself with the help of our, under 'Downloads' deposited, instruction.





11 Nov 2019
+10 = 115kmh } 125 kmh

Ça fonctionne vraiment c'est vraiment un très très bon produit Vespa Côte d'Azur à tester c'est approuvé. Le garage de la Liberté à Golfe-Juan à installer

27 Oct 2019
Tonrad Kübler

Macht es die Vespa schneller ? 130 km/h ? Bei mir jedenfalls nicht. Aber Tacho und Navi laufen jetzt gleich. Fahre ich 80km/h, sagt die Vespa auch 80km/h. Nach ± 15km Autobahnfahrt zeigte Navi 126 km/h an. Leider kann ich kein Bild vom Navi hinzufügen.

Scooter Center 28 Oct 2019

Hallo Philip,
ja, schau Dir auch die technischen Infos dazu an. 
Hast Du eine 2019er Vespa GTS300 HPE sollte das so auch bei Dir so funktionieren. 
Ggfs. Deine Fachwerkstatt konsultieren.

Vespa GTS 300 HPE Tuning

Vespa GTS 300 HPE Tuning Anleitung


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