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Tube -BGM PRO 10 inch- 3.00-10, 3.50-10, 90/90-10, 100/80-10, 100/90-10 - valve position type Lambretta

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EAN: 4251389103097
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BGM hoses are manufactured according to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and...Continue reading


BGM hoses are manufactured according to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The butyl content is over 50%, which makes them extremely airtight and absolutely reliable. The high butyl content makes the hose expensive to manufacture, but in our opinion the result justifies the effort. The valves are vulcanized in the specific position for each model.
  • Valve like original Innocenti off-center with 45°
  • So no contact with the fork-link screw!

TIP: When mounting, insert the tire at the bead with mounting paste and dust the inside of the tire with talcum powder. The mounting paste ensures the correct end position of the tire while the talcum powder minimizes the friction of the tube.
This maximizes the safety and life of the tube.

NOTE: Tubes with a lower butyl content have more flexibility due to a higher rubber content. This allows them to serve a wider range of possible tire sizes (up to 130/90-10). As a major disadvantage, poor air tightness must be accepted. In favour of better product quality, we have decided on a supported tyre size up to 100/90-10.




11 Jan 2018

Schrägestelltes ventil vielleicht ein bisschen unnötig

19 Aug 2017


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