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Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 Super (VNC1T)

Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 Super (VNC1T)


Vespa 125 Super

With the Vespa Super 125 (VNC1T), the successor to the VNB6T rolled off the production line in 1965. The chassis was taken over from the GL 150 and garnished with a new fender. The handlebar is completely new and will find its way onto the Nuova 125, Primavera and ET3 models. A bench seat is also available as an optional extra. A nice gimmick is the central locking system, so both the handlebar and the toolbox lock can be locked and unlocked with one key. The Super comes on 8-inch tyres with self-ventilating, cast-iron brake drums. The engine is very close to that of the VNB6T, but thanks to a modified carburettor it is a more powerful Ditsch. An improvement of the suitability for everyday use was achieved by using an external ignition coil. The Super 125 was painted in light green (MaxMeyer Code 1.298.6303).

Frame numbers by year of construction:
1965: VNC1T 1001-4420
1966: VNC1T 4421-19044
1967: VNC1T 19045-23745
1968: VNC1T 23746-25076
1969: VNC1T 25077-25146

Original paint (MaxMeyer)

Verde Chiaro
PIA303 (1.298.6303)
Verde Chiaro 303
Nocciola (Antiruggine)
PIA3000M (3000M)
Nocciola 3000M
Mounting parts:
PIA983 (1.268.0983)
Vehicle (general)
name: Vespa 125 Super (VNC1T)
year of manufacture: 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969
no. of exemplars produced: 24146
Vehicle sizes
length: 1740 mm
width: 670 mm
height: 1015 mm
ground clearance: 130 mm
wheelbase: 1200 mm
petrol tank capacity: 7.7 l
tank reserve (petrol): 1.4 l
weight (dry): 87 kg
weight (kerb): 93 kg
Vehicle wheels
front tyre: 3.50 - 8
rear tyre: 3.50 - 8
front wheel rim: 2.15 - 8
rear wheel rim: 2.15 - 8
Vehicle brakes
front brake type: drum brake
front brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø front: 125 mm
rear brake type: drum brake
rear brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø rear: 125 mm
Vehicle engine
displacement: 123.4 cm³
stroke: 57 mm
bore: 52.5 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
number of cylinders: 1
type of cooling: air
power (kW): 4.53 kW
power (HP): 6.16
rpm (P max): 5000
compression ratio: 1:7.7
mixture preparation: carburettor
carburettor: Dell'Orto SI 20/17D
starter: kickstarter
clutch: manual
engine brand: Piaggio
max speed: 85 km/h
engine type: 2-stroke
emission standard: none
Vehicle engine - ignition
ignition type: point set ignition
advanced ignition: 21
points distance: 0.6 mm
power (light): 50 W
voltage: 6 V
spark plug: (NGK) B7HS
Vehicle engine - gearbox
gear change type: manual
no. of gears: 4
ratio primary - 1:: 3.045
ratio speed 1 - 1:: 4.385
ratio speed 2 - 1:: 3.059
ratio speed 3 - 1:: 2.182
ratio speed 4 - 1:: 1.555
overall ratio - 1:: 4.735
Fahrzeug Betriebsstoffe
fuel: Super (ROZ 95)
mix ratio: 1:50
gearbox oil: SAE30
gearbox oil capacity: 0.25 l
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