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Wire group for sator plate -VESPA- Vespa PK (6 wires)

€9.90 *

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
Wiring looms
cable colors junction box (engine): black, blue, green
number of cables for junction box (engine): 3
cable colors CDI/high tension coil: green, red, white
number of cables CDI/high tension coil: 3
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
A low cost and high quality solution from BGM to renovate an old ignition base plate....Continue reading


A low cost and high quality solution from BGM to renovate an old ignition base plate.

Pre-assembled cable whips are supplied to solder them to an existing alternator instead of the old defective cables.

The cables have professionally crimped cable plugs with shrink tubing insulation as well as stripped and pre-tinned ends for attachment to the base plate. The suitable bougier tube for cable protection is of course also included.

  • Fitting prefabricated for Vespa ignition base plates
  • Original cable colours
  • Incl. professionally mounted and insulated plug
  • Price reasonable
  • Soldering iron necessary for mounting




14 Oct 2016

Ist Okay

3 Jan 2016

Wird am vorgesehenen Einbauort eingebaut, empfehlen kann ich dieses Produkt allen Bedarfsträgern, die Qualität wird sich erst in ein paar Jahren zeigen.

6 Nov 2014

Todo perfecto

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