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Wiring loom set for conversion (incl. light switch) -BGM PRO, Vespa AC conversion to electronic ignition- Vespa Smallframe V50, 50N, PV125, ET3, Vespa Largeframe Sprint, Rally, TS, GT, GTR, GL, Super, GS160, SS180, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
EAN: 4250366676524
Wiring looms
cable colors tail light: black, grey, yellow
number of cables for tail light: 3
cable colors brake light switch: grey, red/white
number of cables for brake light switch: 2
cable colors junction box (engine): black, blue
number of cables for junction box (engine): 2
cable colors horn: red, white
number of cables for horn: 2
cable colors headlight: black, brown, purple, yellow
number of cables for headlight: 4
cable colors light switch: brown, purple, yellow
number of cables for light switch: 3
cable colors rectifier: 2x black, blue, red
number of cables for rectifier: 4
cable colors speedo: blue
number of cables for speedo: 1
cable colors indicator relay: orange
number of cables for indicator relay: 1
cable colors CDI/high tension coil: green
number of cables CDI/high tension coil: 1
cable colors indicator switch: orange
number of cables for indicator switch: 1
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Conversion wiring loom to fit electronic ignitions or complete P-series engines to Vintage...Continue reading


Conversion wiring loom to fit electronic ignitions or complete P-series engines to Vintage Smallframe or Largeframe Vespas.

The use of this wiring loom enables you to easily convert your 1958-1977 Vintage Vespa to the up-to-date P-series engines. Perfectly suited for everyone who is looking for a reliable setup. can be used to convert a Smallframe Vespa to electronic ignition as well.

The conversion to a P-series engines brings nothing but advantages:
  • The P-series engine is widely regarded as the most reliable scooter engine ever
  • The P-series engine are brand new available, even with 200 cc.
  • The power output for the lights is a perfect and 12 V solution
  • The maximum power output of the P-range engines can be more than 30 hp
  • The original engine can be stored in a shelf as sleeping beauty.
The conversion does not need a battery any longer. The 6 V horn/buzzer is perfectly suited to sustain the 12 V every then and now. Have a look at our wiring diagramm for further technical information.



Fits the following vehicles


14 Oct 2016

bon mais je ne l'ai pas encore fini de le mont

23 Mar 2016

Absolut Top wie immer 👍

6 Dec 2015

bester kabelstrang für 12v

5 Dec 2015

Klasse Kabelbaumset mit Schalter. Tolle Vorbereitung bei den Kabellängen. Alle Steckerkontakte dabei. 1A Teil für jede Restauration!

27 Nov 2015

gutes Produkt für den Umbau meiner V50, Qualität stimmt

11 Oct 2015

Gute Qualität, kommt Aufgerollt und und nicht mit Gummiband umwickelt.
Gleich passenender Lichtschalter dabei.

25 Aug 2015

bremslichtschalter schliesser nicht vergessen

23 Aug 2015

produit parfait pour la conversion 6volts /12volts

28 Jul 2015

Idiotensicher, so verstehe ich sogar Elektrik!

23 Jul 2015

Easy 'plug and play'

9 May 2015

Sehr gute Qualität der Kabel. Schalter ist Standardware. Beschreibung ebenfalls sehr gut.

Die Kabel zum Schalter lassen sich aufgrund ihres Durchmessers nur schwer durch die vorgesehene Duchführung durch den Lenker bekommen.

21 Apr 2015

Super Preis

19 Apr 2015


10 Mar 2015

Saubere Arbeit, passt und stimmt.

10 Feb 2015

Top Verarbeitung, einfache Montage.

23 Dec 2014

Top Ware

15 Dec 2014

Top Qualität

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