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Wiring loom -VESPA- Vespa 90, SS90, PV125 (models without indicators)

Wiring loom -VESPA- Vespa 90, SS90, PV125 (models without indicators)
Wiring loom -VESPA- Vespa 90, SS90, PV125 (models without indicators)
Wiring loom -VESPA- Vespa 90, SS90, PV125 (models without indicators)


A wiring harness is a wearing part. After many years in heat, cold, petrol fumes, vibrations and humidity, even the best copper cable becomes dilapidated. While the outside is usually still well camouflaged by an apparently intact insulation, the so-called inner strand is already corroded and brittle. A weak light, misfiring, all this is past with one of our new high quality wire harnesses.

So that the vehicle can be restored true to the original, we are supplied by the manufacturer who also then already produced the original wire harnesses for Piaggio. You can see, feel and notice that!
Many small affectionate details like the original cable lugs, shrinking tube, hand tinned cable ends etc. let the anticipation for the first ride rise strongly. The certainty that you can rely 100% on the electrical system again is also a safe resting place on the first long drive.

  • wiring diagram: See "Downloads"
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    Wiring looms
    cable colors tail light: black, blue, yellow
    number of cables for tail light: 3
    cable colors brake light switch: black, blue
    number of cables for brake light switch: 2
    cable colors junction box (engine): 2x blue, 2x yellow, black, green, red
    number of cables for junction box (engine): 7
    cable colors horn: green, white
    number of cables for horn: 2
    cable colors headlight: 2x black, blue, brown, pink, purple
    number of cables for headlight: 6
    cable colors light switch: 2x green, black, brown, pink, purple, red, white, yellow
    number of cables for light switch: 9
    cable colors speedo: blue
    number of cables for speedo: 1
    OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
    Piaggio 144505
    Sonstige 86131000
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    17 Oct 2016


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