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Lambretta (Innocenti) SX 200 (X 200 Special)

Lambretta (Innocenti) SX 200 (X 200 Special)


Lambretta SX 200
Series 3

The Lambretta Special X is derived from the Special and TV models. The TV (GT) 200 was superseded by the SX 200, while the SX 150 replaced the 150 Special. The exciting and timeless shape of the bodywork was mainly retained. The main difference between the SX 150 and the Special was the colour scheme. The silver paint is replaced by off-white or apple green (which apparently was not in great demand). In addition the SX 150 features a chromed mudguard crest and a polished horn grille. Both SX 150 and 200 have a large “X” plus the respective capacity stated over the Special badge on the legshields. The rear frame badge not reads “Innocenti” on both models.

Contrary to the SX 150, the SX 200 is easy to be distinguished from its predecessor. The colour used is Bianco Nuovo again, however the side-panels were redesigned and now boast large flashes from polishes alloy with a “200” cast on. The dynamic appeal is unequalled the SX 200 panels are probably the fastest looking side-panels of all times. Further to that, a longer lickstart was used which is unique to the SX 200.

The catching slogan “Give yourself SX-appeal” perfectly suits these beautiful scooters and underlines the potential of the SX. Another clear statement was the new speed facias reading up to 120 kph at the 150 and 140 kph at the 200.

Towards the end of the production the side-panel handles were replaced by steel clips under the panels, the same system to be used by the later DL. Also, the steel toolbox was replaced by a plastic item and the rectangular Innocenti badge superseded the previous shield. The last models of the SX 200 had the wheel-rims and brake-drums painted silver.

In January 1969 the production of the SX 200 was stopped with 20.783 scooters made.


Production period:
Production code:
1st frame no.:
SX 200
200 cc


SX 200 – 1st version
(October 1966 until beginning of 1968)

Painted toolbox made from steel, screw-in forklink buffers.


SX 200 – 2nd version
(beginning of 1968 until autumn 1968)

Rectangular horncasting badge, unpainted plastic toolbox, clip-on forklink buffers.


SX 200 – 3rd version
(autumn 1968 until winter 1968)

Other colours, all M8 nuts now have 13mm spanner size.


Original paint (Lechler)

Bianco Nuovo


Vehículo (general)
Modelo: SX 200 (X 200 Special)
Año/s de producción: 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969
N.° de chasis: SX200
Unidades fabricadas: 20783
Colores: bianco nuovo (8059)
Vehículo dimensiones
Longitud: 1800 mm
Anchura: 700 mm
Altura: 1035 mm
Altura del asiento: 785 mm
Altura al estribo: 165 mm
Distancia entre ejes: 1290 mm
Capacidad depósito combustible: 9 l
Reserva incl. (combustible): 0.75 l
Peso (en vacío): 110 kg
Peso (en funcionamiento): 123 kg
Peso (máx.): 260 kg
Vehículo ruedas
Rueda delantera: 3.50 - 10
Rueda trasera: 3.50 - 10
Llanta delantera: 2.15 - 10
Llanta trasera: 2.15 - 10
Vehículo frenos
Tipo de freno delantero: freno de disco
Accionamiento del freno delantero: mecánico con cables
Ø delantero: 169 mm
Tipo de freno trasero: freno de tambor
Accionamiento del freno trasero: mecánico con cables
Ø trasero: 150 mm
Vehículo suspensión
Tipo de suspensión delantera: amortiguador y muelle separados, horquilla adelantada
Tipo de suspensión trasera: conjunto muelle-amortiguador
Vehículo motor
Cilindrada: 198 cm³
Carrera: 58 mm
Diámetro: 66 mm
Tipo de motor: 2 tiempos
Número de cilindros: 1
Tipo de refrigeración: por aire
Potencia (kW): 8.09 kW
Potencia (cv): 11
Revolución por minuto (potencia máx.): 5500
Compresión: 1:7
Alimentación: carburador
Carburador: Dell'Orto SH1/20
Arranque: pedal
Embrague: manual
Fabricante del motor: Innocenti
Velocidad máx.: 107 km/h
Tipo de motor: 2 tiempos
Norma de emisión: sin
Vehículo motor - encendido
Tipo de encendido: con platinos
Avance de encendido: 23
Distancia entre contactos: 0.4 mm
Potencia (luz): 30 W
Tensión: 6 V
Bujía: (NGK) B7ES
Vehículo motor - caja de cambios
Caja de cambios: manual
Número de velocidades: 4
Relación de transmisión primaria - 1:: 3.0666
Relación de transmisión 1.a velocidad - 1:: 4.083
Relación de transmisión 2.a velocidad - 1:: 2.857
Relación de transmisión 3.a velocidad - 1:: 2.056
Relación de transmisión 4.a velocidad - 1:: 1.571
Relación de transmisión total - 1:: 4.819
Vehículo líquidos
Carburante: Super (ROZ 95)
Mezcla: 1:25
Lubricante engranaje: SAE80
Cantidad lubricante engranaje: 0.7 l
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