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Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (série 2)

Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (série 2)


Lambretta TV 175
Series 2

In January 1959 the TV 175 Series II had reached the shops, introduced as “the sportsman's scooter”. The main visual difference is again the new headset which incorporates the headlight. The TV 175 had the same alloy ribs with rubber inserts on the floorboard as the LI 150 and sported a dual seat as standard, while single seats were available as an option. The front forks with additional dampers were retained from the Series I, while the front brake drum and the forklinks were redesigned. The rear lease and the horncasting were changed during the production in the same way as the LI's, and also the rubber parts had the same colour scheme.

Apparently with the first batch of TV Series II models, the frame had been designed too weak. This caused some problems, so that Innocenti decided to reinforce the frame of the models which were just in production. In order to do so, the frame was cut up along its length and a steel plate was welded in. With the following models, stronger frames were used from the beginning. The two versions can be distinguished by their frame numbers: the first version with the reinforced frame has a frame number starting with 1 while the second version starts with 2.

The engine had been redesigned as well along the lines of the LI, so that all the weaknesses of the Series I were overcome. The stroke was reduced to only 58mm (with 116mm con-rod). Cylinder and piston were altered accordingly and the whole transmission system including the kickstart mechanism and the clutch were now shanged to the proven system of the LI models. Peak power was still 8.6 hp even though the size of the carb had been reduced to 21mm, and top speed was even increased to 104 kph. The colour schemes now include light blue or ivory. At the end of the production time, 41.787 TV Series II had been made.

Production period:
Production code:
1st frame no.:
TV 175
175 cc


Production period:
Production code:
1st frame no.:
TV 175
175 cc


TV series 2 – 1st version
(January 1959 October 1959)

Frame with additional strengthening plate, 23mm carburettor, small tail light (142x43mm), round horn grille, air filter held by a nut, splashplate is held by eight 5mm bolts.The flywheel bearing is greased by petrol-oil mix. Frame no. starts with 100.001


TV series 2 – 2nd version
(October 1959 October 1960)

Stronger standard frame, 21mm carburettor, flywheel bearing grease pacher with additional oil-seal to the crankshaft, oval horn grille, air filter held by a nut. Frame no. starts with 200.001


TV series 2 – 3rd version
(October 1960 January 1961)

The splashplate is held by two 8mm bolts.


TV series 2 – 4th version
(February 1961 October 1961)

Air filter is held by a clip (as Series III)


Original paint (Lechler)

Azzurro Tireno


Véhicule (généralités)
Modèle: TV 175 (série 2)
Année/s de production: 1959, 1960, 1961
N° de châssis: 175TV
Production: 43700
Couleurs: azzurro tirreno (8042), beige rosato (8036), giallo oriente (8049)
Véhicule dimensions
Longueur: 1825 mm
Largeur: 710 mm
Hauteur: 1060 mm
Hauteur de la selle: 787 mm
Hauteur du marchepied: 165 mm
Distance entre les axes de roues: 1290 mm
Capacité réservoir d'essence: 8.5 l
Réserve incl. (essence): 0.75 l
Poids (à vide): 115 kg
Poids (en ordre de marche): 123 kg
Poids (max.): 258 kg
Véhicule roues
Roue avant: 3.50 - 10
Roue arrière: 3.50 - 10
Jante avant: 2.15 - 10
Jante arrière: 2.15 - 10
Véhicule freins
Type de frein avant: frein a tambour
Actionnement de frein avant: mécanique par câbles
Ø avant: 150 mm
Type de frein arrière: frein a tambour
Actionnement de frein arrière: mécanique par câbles
Ø arrière: 150 mm
Véhicule suspension
Type de suspension avant: amortisseur et ressort séparés, fourche, suspension à roue tirée
Type de suspension arrière: combiné ressort/amortisseur
Véhicule moteur
Cylindrée: 175 cm³
Course: 58 mm
Alésage: 62 mm
Type de moteur: 2 temps
Nombre de cylindres: 1
Type de refroidissement: par aire
Puissance (kW): 6.44 kW
Puissance (ch): 8.75
Régime max. de rotation (puissance max.): 6000
Compression: 1:7.5
Carburation: carburateur
Carburateur: Dell'Orto MB21 BS5, Dell'Orto MB23 BS5
Démarreur: kick
Embrayage: manuel
Fabricant du moteur: Innocenti
Vitesse max.: 104 km/h
Type de moteur: 2 temps
Norme d'emissions: sans
Véhicule moteur - allumage
Type d'allumage: avec rupteur
Avance à l'allumage: 23
Écartement des contacts: 0.45 mm
Puissance (éclairage): 30 W
Tension: 6 V
Bougie: (NGK) B7ES
Véhicule moteur - boîte de vitesses
Boîte de vitesses: manuelle
Nombre de vitesses: 4
Rapport transmission primaire - 1:: 3.0666
Rapport 1re vitesse - 1:: 4.083
Rapport 2e vitesse - 1:: 2.857
Rapport 3e vitesse - 1:: 2.055
Rapport 4e vitesse - 1:: 1.571
Rapport total - 1:: 4.819
Véhicule fluides
Carburant: Super (ROZ 95)
Mélange: 1:25
Huile de transmission: SAE80
Quantité huile de transmission: 0.7 l
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