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Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 200

Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 200


Lambretta TV 200
Series 3

As the TV 175 was a spot-on success in the UK, the British Lambretta Concessionaires urged Innocenti to produce a scooter with more capacity, power and - of course - top speed. Initially Innocenti was not too keen to take up the idea, but finally agreed to produce a 200cc Lambretta even if the UK importers had to take care of any warranty claims themselves.

It is unclear whether the first TV 200 Lambrettas were only bored out 175cc versions or if newly cast engine casings were used from the start. However all the specific 200cc engine casings were used with a crank with 107mm con-rod and 66mm piston plus a taller gearing. The cylinder featured a relatively low inlet port and also a rather low and wide exhaust port. As this layout led to frequent problems with the pistons rings breaking, a cylinder with smaller but higher exhaust port was introduced later on. The cylinder head was always a centre squish type.

The main problem of the TV200 was the engine vibrations which often caused the exhaust mount to break. This however did not stop the TV 200 from becoming a success in the UK. Unprecedented top speeds and powerful acceleration counted more than reliability so that the sales department soon branded the TV as “Gran Tourismo” scooter with reference to the famous GT sports cars of the time. Indeed the 10.75 hp engine was capable of up to 112 kph top speed, even if under favourable circumstances only as the engine struggled to pull the tall gearing.

After a while the TV 200 was also sold in France, Switzerland, the US and Scandinavia. The design changes followed those of the TV 175.

Production period:
Production code:
1st frame no.:
TV 200
200 cc


TV Serie 3 – 1st version
(March 1962 until December 1963)

Side-panel buffers made entirely from rubber. TV 175 rear frame badge with white background, until end of 1962 speedo-cable with small square point. Until September 1962 four-pole magneto.


TV Serie 3 – 2nd version
(December 1963 until May 1965)

Special side-panels, side- panel buffers with clip, TV 175 rear frame badge with blue background.


TV Serie 3 – 3rd version
(May 1965 until October 1965)

The chromed headset ring disappears.


Original paint (Lechler)

Bianco Nuovo
8059 (*1)
Azzurro Met.
8062 (*1)

Colours in GB:
Bianco Nuovo
8059 (*2)
? (*3)
? (*3)
? (*3)
? (*3)
? (*3)

(*1) = single tone scheme
(*2) = two tone scheme, frame colour
(*3) = two tone scheme, horn cover and sidepanel colour


Véhicule (généralités)
Modèle: TV 200
N° de châssis: TV3
Production: 14982
Véhicule roues
Roue avant: 3.50 - 10
Roue arrière: 3.50 - 10
Jante avant: 2.15 - 10
Jante arrière: 2.15 - 10
Véhicule freins
Type de frein avant: frein à disque
Actionnement de frein avant: mécanique par câbles
Ø avant: 169 mm
Type de frein arrière: frein a tambour
Actionnement de frein arrière: mécanique par câbles
Ø arrière: 150 mm
Véhicule suspension
Type de suspension avant: amortisseur et ressort séparés, fourche, suspension à roue tirée
Type de suspension arrière: combiné ressort/amortisseur
Véhicule moteur
Cylindrée: 198 cm³
Course: 58 mm
Alésage: 66 mm
Type de moteur: 2 temps
Nombre de cylindres: 1
Type de refroidissement: par aire
Carburation: carburateur
Démarreur: kick
Embrayage: manuel
Fabricant du moteur: Innocenti
Type de moteur: 2 temps
Norme d'emissions: sans
Véhicule moteur - allumage
Bougie: (NGK) B7ES
Véhicule moteur - boîte de vitesses
Boîte de vitesses: manuelle
Nombre de vitesses: 4
Véhicule fluides
Carburant: Super (ROZ 95)
Mélange: 1:50
Huile de transmission: SAE80
Quantité huile de transmission: 0.7 l
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