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Exhaust -POLINI Original- Vespa PK50/PK80 S/XL

Exhaust -POLINI Original- Vespa PK50/PK80 S/XL


Sport exhaust POLINI Original for Vespa Smallframe

As in the Vespa PX range, Polini has now also launched a new exhaust series for the Smallframe models with the 'Original'. The Polini Original follows the trend of the time and offers with a classic outer appearance a powerful conception with socially acceptable volume. Fast and powerful but unobtrusive are the main attributes of the Polini exhaust system.


  • Good performance increase even on original / mildly tuned engines

  • Very quiet

  • Fits also with 3.50-10 wide tires

  • Pleasant noise development

  • Available for Vespa V50/PV/ET3/PK50-80/PK125

The wonderfully old-fashioned look, with the tailpipe coming out from the side, just like the well-known 'banana', perfectly belies the elaborate inner construction, including sound insulation. The only external indications of the modern design are the elastic exhaust suspension by means of silent rubber on the crossmember and the two-part, spring-loaded, manifold with a neat cross-section.

According to the manufacturer, the Polini 'Original' is suitable for use with original engines or engines fitted with a Polini cylinder. Beside the successful construction the Polini exhaust offers the possibility to mount a wider tyre (3.50 instead of 3.00 inch).

SUMMARY: Quiet and powerful replacement for the original exhaust combined with a classic look.


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Polini 2002052, P200.2052, P2002052, 200.2052
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