Fidelity programme

Scooter Center Bonus Programm

Earn fidelity points from the first euro spent!

We reward your fidelity: after each purchase in our Scooter Center online shop you gain now fidelity points from the first euro spent.

For 1 € spent you earn 1 fidelity point and for each point you get 1 cent discount. You can use your fidelity points against future orders or just save them in your account where you can check the status of the points you have collected.

Fidelity points and special promotions 

You can also gain further fidelity points thanks to Scooter Center's exclusive promotions.


Please note: 

  • The fidelity programme in our online shop is reserved to final customers.
  • Fidelity points will be credited to your account after 14 days from the date of the issued invoice.
  • You can use them against future orders if you have earned at least 100 points.
  • Fidelity points cannot be redeemed to buy gift voucher.
  • If you return an item, the respective points will be deducted from your fidelity points account.
  • Fidelity points do not expire.
  • Fidelity points are assigned only to customers who place an order after having logged in to their customer account. Fast orders do not require the creation of a customer account and therefore are not eligible for points earning.


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