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Ignition -BGM PRO stator HP V2.5 silicone- Vespa PK XL - 5 coils, 8-cable (round connector with 5-pin) - for vehicles with battery

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Latest version of the proven BGM PRO HP (High Power) ignition base plate for electronic...Continue reading


Latest version of the proven BGM PRO HP (High Power) ignition base plate for electronic ignition.

BGM has reworked the BGM PRO ignition base plate, which has proven itself a thousand times over, and made it even better.
A significantly higher light output than with conventional base plates is complemented by a very high quality of coils and pickup.
In addition, the cabling has been changed to textile-sheathed silicone cables.
Another nice detail is the degree exact division of the adjustment markings. This allows the plate to be adjusted very quickly and easily.

The advantages resulting from this compared to conventional PVC pipes (as for example with original Piaggio base plates) are manifold.


  • Extremely temperature resistant (-40°C to +250°C))
  • Always remains flexible
  • Very good mechanical protection by the textile fabric
  • Resistant to fats, oils, alcohols, oxygen, ozone
  • Very high insulation properties

The BGM PRO HP ignition base plate is designed as a high-quality 1:1 replacement for an original ignition/alternator.
It can be replaced without modifications. The higher light output does not require any other illuminants.

Of course, the well-known features have also been retained:

  • Proven exciter coil with copper plate for highest reliability
  • Pickup with carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition pulse
  • Cleanly processed HP light coils
  • High quality solder joints
  • Original cable lugs and length for very easy cabling

NOTE: The BGM pickup has a nominal resistance of 100 Ohm (+/- 10Ohm)



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