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Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 1)

Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 1)


Lambretta Li 150
Series 1

On 10 April 1975 the first Lambretta TV “Tourismo Veloce” was revealed to the public. The new scooter was squarely aimed at the Vespa GS 150, which had been a groundbreaking success for Piaggio. The Tourismo Veloce was definitely a huge step forward for Innocenti, both in terms of styling as well as performance. Contrary to previous models, the front mudguard was fixed to the bodywork and did no longer turn with the front wheel. The newly designed side-panels had air intakes to aid cooling and the rear running boards continued the floating lines of the scooter. The headlight was mounted in the horncasting as with the Model D. A real gem was the rear light with its red centre piece surrounded by two orange brake lights. A 120 kph speedometer was fitted as standard, as well as the adjuster thumb-screws in the levers, which unfortunately disappeared during the production run. New, larger 10 inch wheels offered better roadholding and increased comfort. Also the suspension with springs integrated in the forks and a rear shock absorber led the way for all subsequent Lambrettas. Besides, the TV was the first Lambretta with additional dampers at the front as standard. The rear shock could be taken off easily to lower the engine to gain access to the cylinder.

This was necessary as the engine was a completely new design with a horizontal cylinder instead of an upright standing one. The engine with a capacity of 170cc and a power output of 8,6 or 9,0 hp (depending on the source of information) provided superior acceleration and a remarkable top speed of 102 kph. Both the carburettor with its 23 mm diameter and the crank with its 60mm stroke opened up new dimension for Innocenti. Also the transmission was a completely new design as it replaced the driving shaft with a duplex chain. The TV had an air intake through the frame (hence the name “framebreather”) and floor mats instead of ribs. The exhaust was held by a large ring nut which was dropped at all later models. All rubber parts and cables were coloured grey, apart from the stand feet and the kickstart rubber, which were black - probably just to act as the proverbial exception from the rule.

Production period:
Production code:
1st frame no.:
Li 150
150 cc


Li series 1 – 1st version
(April 1958 until September 1958)

The air intake is through the grille behind the passenger seat and through the frame. The air filter is a wire mesh. The chain tensioner in the engine is not adjustable. The very first LI 150 models have TV side-panels with air intakes. The front saddle has no catch. The first LI 125 models have neither steering lock nor legshield-rubbers.


Li series 1 – 2nd version
(September 1958 until December 1958)

The air filter receives a paper-inlay. The front saddle has a catch, the chain tensioner is now adjustable.


Original paint (Lechler)

Grigio Fiume
8014 (*1)
Grigio Chiaro
8019 (*2)
Azzurro Flaminia
8032 (*3)
Bleu Inghilterra
8031 (*3)
Verde Nilo
8015 (*3)
Rosso Rubino
8047 (*3)
Rosso Corallo
8046 (*3)


(*1) = single tone scheme
(*2) = two tone scheme, frame colour
(*3) = two tone scheme, side panel colour


Vehicle (general)
name: LI 150 (series 1)
year of manufacture: 1958, 1959
VIN: 150LI
no. of exemplars produced: 108984
colours: azzurro flaminia (8032), bleu inghilterra (8031), grigio albo (8019), rosso corallo (8046), rosso rubino (8047), verde nilo (8015)
Vehicle sizes
length: 1825 mm
width: 710 mm
height: 1038 mm
seat height: 785 mm
ground clearance: 165 mm
wheelbase: 1290 mm
petrol tank capacity: 8.5 l
tank reserve (petrol): 0.75 l
weight (dry): 106 kg
weight (kerb): 120 kg
weight (max): 258 kg
Vehicle wheels
front tyre: 3.50 - 10
rear tyre: 3.50 - 10
front wheel rim: 2.15 - 10
rear wheel rim: 2.15 - 10
Vehicle brakes
front brake type: drum brake
front brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø front: 150 mm
rear brake type: drum brake
rear brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø rear: 150 mm
Vehicle suspension
front suspension type: spring only, trailing link fork
rear suspension type: shock absorber
Vehicle engine
displacement: 148 cm³
stroke: 58 mm
bore: 57 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
number of cylinders: 1
type of cooling: air
power (kW): 4.78 kW
power (HP): 6.5
rpm (P max): 5300
compression ratio: 1:7
mixture preparation: carburettor
carburettor: Dell'Orto MA19 BS5
starter: kickstarter
clutch: manual
engine brand: Innocenti
max speed: 83.1 km/h
engine type: 2-stroke
emission standard: none
Vehicle engine - ignition
ignition type: point set ignition
advanced ignition: 23
points distance: 0.45 mm
power (light): 30 W
voltage: 6 V
spark plug: (NGK) B8ES
Vehicle engine - gearbox
gear change type: manual
no. of gears: 4
ratio primary - 1:: 3.0666
ratio speed 1 - 1:: 4.545
ratio speed 2 - 1:: 2.928
ratio speed 3 - 1:: 2.176
ratio speed 4 - 1:: 1.7
overall ratio - 1:: 5.2133
Fahrzeug Betriebsstoffe
fuel: Super (ROZ 95)
mix ratio: 1:50
gearbox oil: SAE90
gearbox oil capacity: 0.7 l
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