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Shock absorber rear -RACINGBROS Bazooka 1.0 360mm- Vespa Primavera 125-150 (2014-2016), Vespa Sprint 125-150 (2014-2016)

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RacingBros was founded in 2006 by bicycle and motorsport enthusiasts as a company for damping...Continue reading


RacingBros was founded in 2006 by bicycle and motorsport enthusiasts as a company for damping technology, based in Taiwan. They offer very high quality suspension components which, as a special feature, have a shock absorber with air suspension. These are now available for the modern Vespa scooters (Sprint, Primavera and GTS) with the Bazooka damper series.

The Bazooka 1.0 has an air suspension similar to that used in the ambitious BMW HP2 models. The shock absorbers do without a spring completely, this task is taken over by an individually adjustable air cushion. The damping characteristics can be perfectly adapted to your own requirements via an 18-way rebound adjustment. The surfaces are hard anodized, making them extremely resistant to environmental influences and also very low friction.

  • Damper body made of cold forged, high-strength AL6061-T6 aluminium
  • Unlimited adjustment possibilities of the air suspension
  • Super light, approx. 50% lighter than conventional dampers
  • Fully adjustable and maintenance-friendly damping system (SAV)
  • Broadband adjustable rebound damping for low speeds (18 clicks)
  • Tube in tube design therefore very torsion resistant
  • IFP Design (Internal Float Piston) therefore the damper can also be operated upside down

With a separately available air pump the air pressure in the damper can be adjusted. A higher pressure corresponds to a harder spring, so the chassis can be adapted to a larger load.


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