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Start pinion -OEM QUALITY- Morini 50cc (type AH)

Start pinion -OEM QUALITY- Morini 50cc (type AH)
Start pinion -OEM QUALITY- Morini 50cc (type AH)
Start pinion -OEM QUALITY- Morini 50cc (type AH)


The starter freewheel forms the connection between the starter engine and the crankshaft. The freewheel secures the components when the engine starts running and the engine speed exceeds the starter speed.

Crackling and cracking noises during the starting process often indicate a defect of this component. Inactivity can lead to a complete defect of the engine housing.

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Starter free wheel
Ø outer: 37.5 mm
length: 67.1 mm
Ø shaft: 7.9 mm
number of teeth driven sprocket: 61
number of teeth driving sprocket: 14
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