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Stud -M8 x 150mm- -PIAGGIO- (used for cylinder Piaggio Leader 125-200 cc LC)

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material: steel
total length: 151,0mm
thread 1: M8x1,25
length of thread 1: 20,5mm
thread 2: M8x1,25
length of thread 2: 20,5mm
length shaft: 107,0mm
diameter shaft: 6,2mm | 7,1mm
one thread is screw in type:
quantity incl.: 1
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Original Piaggio stud bolt (tie rod) for fixing the cylinder and cylinder head to the engine...Continue reading


Original Piaggio stud bolt (tie rod) for fixing the cylinder and cylinder head to the engine housing of all Vespa engines from 160ccm displacement. Can also be used in the engines of the Lambretta series 1-3 models. The thread of the Piaggio cylinder studs is rolled, not cut. Therefore they have a very high tensile strength and can handle much more tightening torque than the specified 22-24Nm for cylinder mounting.

Another special feature are the different core diameters of the threads. The side that is screwed into the engine housing has a slightly larger core diameter than the cylinder head side. Due to this oversize, the bolts can be screwed into the housing relatively tightly, but they always remain in the housing even when the cylinder head nuts are loosened and do not rotate.

The side that should face the cylinder head is marked with a narrow turned in circular groove. Older bolts have a grain knock on the upper side of the bolt.

Some Piaggio bolts already have a factory-applied threadlocker (usually blue). This marks the side to be screwed into the motor housing.



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